Sunday, May 24, 2009

Almost There

My flight leaves this Monday, the 25th at 4:20pm.
 I'll arrive in Frankfurt, Germany at 9:15am and have a layover for about 1.45 hours before we make our final flight to Chennai, India.  We will get to India on the 26th at 11:45pm.  After customs, getting our bags, potty breaks, and d
riving to Vellore we will probably get there early in the morning around 3 to 4 am. To put it in one word we'll be EXHAUSTED!
So now I am going put my Europe trip to the side and focus on India for the next 3 weeks in this blog.
The purpose of going on this mission trip is to build relationships with the girls in the all-girl Hope House orphanage and furthering the kingdom of God. We will be visiting different mission fields that were started by individuals following their personal calling from Jesus Christ. 
One of my personal focuses is to be humbled by God's grace.  I never want to be complacent in my walk with God because a relationship is ever growing.  One of the things I learned from my friend Lauren is that I am in this stage called sanctification, where I am in the process of renewing my mind and becoming more holy like God and His son.  I am ready for this transformation to be apparent physically and emotionally through my mind and body.
I really would like to build friendships with these girls and show them the love and compassion that my savior has showed me.

on a different note. 
I had to get all of this into a backpack. not a suitcase!


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christopher a. matallana said...

hey new friend! have an amazing time. i will be in prayer for you all as your serve our great God and King. let Him speak to you while you are there; allow Him to speak His sufficiency and beauty to you in the most unlikely of places. i look forward to hearing about how it goes.