Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the first day.

Elizabeth and I sat next to eachother on the first flight. We met this lady, Mrs. Belle, from New Mexico. She was a German high school teacher, and she taught me all I needed to know to actually read German and pronounce words. She recommended severel hotels, hostels, sites, and cities we should visit, and even gave us business cards to some of the hotels. She was so nice!
When we got off the plane in Frankfurt, Germany, we barely had 5 min. to use the restroom. Then we had to jump on a tram to catch a bus that took us to an airplane. It was like the movies, how we used stairs to climb on board.
My mind was so messed up with the time change. Sleep is impossible to come by, and the food was "gag" worthy! its okay though...I am not hungry really, and it will all be worth it.
After getting to India we had to go through customs, which took an hour! Finally, when we got done with that we all met with Ruby outside. We took one van for just our luggagte and 1 for our bodies! We crammed 12 of us in a tiny van. It took us 2.5 hours to get from Chennai to Vellore. After totaling my car 3 weeks ago, the Indian driving scared me to death! you are supposed to drive on the left hand side of the road, but people drive wherever they want. literally. So when we were rampidly driving down the road, and we were about to approach and pass a vehicle...we would honk and they would get on their side of the road. BAHHHH! so scary!
After the long ride, we got to the guest house at around 3am last night. I am rooming with Kari and Michelle in a "air-conditioned" room with our very own bathroom! believe it or not...the toilet is farely normal. It was so hot that we did not use any blankets, and wore as little clothes as possible and still woke up in a pool of sweat. jealous? ha...i figured.
This morning we woke up at 8am, and when we ate breakfast....I tried really hard to eat the Indian breakfast, but my body wouldnt let me! They served pankcake-like fried bread, boiled eggs, and certain sauces..spicy (with curry) and another sauce to neutralize the spice. I ate A boiled egg. ha.
After breakfast, we got to meet Ruby and Sam's two beautiful daughters, Lydia, 7, and Lily, 5. Lydia calls me Elise Auntie and she said I am her favorite Auntie. I will probably have a million pictures of her because we are attatched at the hip. She is actually begging me to come play with her right now.
When we ate lunch a few minutes ago, Lydia and I sat next to eachother on the floor to eat our rice, chicken, curry sauce?, and yogurt. I grabbed a fork, and so she went back to get one, but she couldn't figure out how to use it; therefore, she wouldn't let me use my fork. She taught me to use my fingers like they all do. I thought I was going to be completely disgusted, but honestly it wasn't that bad.
Well in about an hour we are off to go shop for some Indian clothes, and relax for the rest of the day.
All my Love,


Marinda said...

Alright sister! I'm so excited for you! Life experiences like this never leave you the same. It is a GOOD thing :)

Terry Peak Photography said...

LOL I am still laughting over our phone conversation this morning!!! You sure have a way with works kiddo!.. but sounds like your rested and ready to hit it, and not to mention I am impressed with you eating, Good Job! and tell Lydia hi from us here in America. Love you much and looking forward to talking to you tommorow.

doodlbug said...

Girl I can tell you are having an amazing time already. I can't wait to read more everyday. Tell Lydia she found the bet of the best. Lovy You