Sunday, May 31, 2009

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Ruby picked us up at 8:30am. We walked to Karagiri, the Leprosy Research Hospital. It started 50 years ago, and the land is leased by the government for 99 years. They showed us pictures of the land when they first got it. It was literally a desert. The founders planted thousands of trees, and today it literally looks like a jungle. Our guest house is part of this hospital.

They took us through several different sections and words of the hospital. They showed us where the surgeon section used to be which was pretty much a tiny cabin with swinging doors. We saw the “ob & gyn ward” nursing branch, “xray & photography,” and many others…pediatrics was one! They took us upstairs to the testing and research facility where they test bacteria and diseases on mice. They showed us pictures of the infected mice where they turn white and their feet are huge, red, and nasty! They also showed us live mice.

Finally, they took us to see the Leprosy ward. They showed us a man with the most severe case that they had at the time. He literally looked like bones with skin on them. His legs were skinnier than my arms, and he was almost lifeless. His fingers and toes were pretty much gone because of the effects of Leprosy and he had severe skin discoloring pigmentation. They told us he was pretty much a beggar his entire life. His life over the last 40 years has consisted of sitting on the hot burning ground begging for survival needs. This caused blisters, callouses, and ulcers on his behind. The ulcer was the size of a tennis ball where you could pretty much see his meat and flesh. Graphic I know..sorry!

We then visited one of their general stores where the Leprosy patients make sheets, bags, pillow cases, rags, mats etc.. I bought 4 different things for a total of $7.

The pictures where you probably don’t know what it is…is a mans hands. They are nubs basically. He has been living in Shanthi Gramam “Village of Peace.” It is for Leprosy patients, and he has lived there for 23 years now. He is happier than ever, and lives for the Lord.


We took a 3.5 hour bus ride to a them park/ beach. It was a joke! It was the Indian version of six flags. So we just went straight to the beach. We really didn’t do much but hang out at the beach and have a million Indian people ask to take a picture with us shaking our hands, which was pretty amusing. I got a sun burn whoooo! Daddy I got you sand!


We got up really early and went to an Indian Christian Church. It was amazing! Then we went to a Chinese Restaurant! So good!

All my love,



Anonymous said...

I was so excited to find you had written a new blog! I check it all the time :-) Your adventures are so fun to read about. I love the pictures of you with the children. I can just see you out dancing in the rain! I am so proud of you and love you so much!

Deidra said...

Hey girly,
Glad your trip is going so well. I am a goober and had saved your blog wrong so I didn't realize you were posting new posts. But I am back on the boat and praying for you and your team. I hope God continues to bless your time and that lives will be changed due to your being obedient to go on this trip. Much love.

Terry Peak Photography said...

those people in the hopital really were in a better place then they have been all of their lives huh.... my heart went out the the begger that was so sick. But...Six Flags India Style!!! lol made me laugh what would their mascott be? I can only guess... I didnt think you would be able to get sand in India so thats really cool that will be nice to have! Sounds like your adjusting well and settling in. I love you much and an praying night and day for you and everyone you come in contact with

Popcorn said...
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Popcorn said...

Love both the pics and the details of your day. I will continue to check your blog. Thanks!

christopher a. matallana said...

I am pumped as i read your updates. keep serving the Lord out there! let Him reveal more of His goodness to you.

Elise Peak said...

AWE!!! Thanks so much for your comments! I LOVE reading what is going through your mind reading about my experiences! I love you all! Who is Popcorn? haha..

Popcorn said...

I am Elizabeth's mom!

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