Thursday, May 28, 2009


So yesterday, we went to the bank to exchange our American currency for Rupees. One dollar equals 46.45 Rupees. The exchange rate is great right now, but to exchange $150.00 and get over 6900 Rupees is AMAZING!!! I love it! We were at the largest bank in India called the State Bank of India and it was the most "efficient" bank we could go to.....welllll after 2.5 hours we finally got out of there. Normally it only takes like 30 minutes. This policeman stood guard at the bank with a shotgun. It was humorous to us because in the time that he could get the gun up and cocked someone could just karate chop it down.
Because it took so long, shopping was nixed. DANG IT! Its okay...I will definitely make up the spending of the money later. We just went to the Hope House for tea and crackers, then dinner afterwards. The tea was unbelievably hot and I was kind of amused when two of the girls spilt it...phahahha. I guess you had to be there. Right before we were about to leave I was taking random pictures. I was taking a shot of this front door and this old Indian lady walked out and I asked her if I could take her picture and she modeled for me and worked that camera. It is funny because any person that you ask to take a photo of, they immediatley lose the smile and pose.

We went to bed around 7:45pm last night, and at about 4:30am I was wide awake

All we have done today is get henna tattoos and it is amazing! I will write more tomorrow but they are hurrying me! We are about to go to a ministry with gypsies this be continueddddd.

all my love,



Terry Peak Photography said...

Well I can just see you laying there wide awake, lol I know that look in your eyes! I have slept all I can sleep im awake and ready to go do laying there trying to be quiet for everyone else....not to mention was it warm in the room? much love to you, and praying much for God's Great success through you ;)
Love you

Marinda said...

WOW! The henna looks awesome!

Sonya Marin said...

You are so brave! I almost got a henna tatoo in Mexico but chickened out. I want to get some majic markers and add some color your tatoo. I am so excited for you getting to be a little free bird over there and getting to spread Gods Word. I just know all those little girls will LOVE you like we all do.
Love you,
Sonya (aka Greeneyes)

Cherl said...

This blogging has me all confused! I couldn't figure out how to leave you a comment so I started my own blog :-)

I so look forward to hearing about your days all the way across the world and seeing your pictures. I love you so, so much and know you are having the time of your life!