Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thursday Evenving the 28th

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a couple of days. In India the internet connection some times goes out…sooooo right as soon as I finished writing my blog on Friday the power went out! Every thing I wrote was completely erased! So I’m just going to start off where I left off.

After the henna party, we made our way to a different ministry. This lady Jean Aunty started this mission field in a neglected community called the gypsies. She provides jobs for the ladies by teaching to make jewelry. She makes a deal with them. If they stay in that community then their children will be provided with free day care, which includes a free meal and teaching them Christian songs, stories, access to toys, and much more. The sad part is, most all of the adults drink in the evenings beyond their tolerance leaving the children with no supervision and no role model to look up to. Jean Aunty and her staff members are the only suitable people in their lives. The good thing is the younger generation is now being educated and they are being raised with a positive endeavor in their lives, and hopefully the generations to come will be moved by Jean Aunty’s efforts. Jean Aunty might not even live to see this change.

When we went to Jean Aunty’s mission field, there was so many children everywhere crowding us as we stepped off the bus. I looked around after we settled down in the church, and I noticed that some of the babies, not even 5 months old, were standing and walking on their own. It just proved to me that these kids have no choice but to be independent at a young age.
The children loved LOVED having their pictures taken. They would scream in their language to see their picture on the camera. They don’t know but two or three phrases in English, but they do know about 3 or 4 other languages. We talked for a long time through organized translation and going around the circle. All the girls and boys sang us a Sunday school song in English, Tamil, Hindi, and in their own language that has no name and no script (as in no way to write it).

Shortly after their beautiful little voices, the rain began to pour. As soon as I saw 3 or 4 children run outside I sprinted and followed them without any thought. 4 of the young boys chased me around trying to get my waterproof camera because they wanted to take pictures. We ran through huge puddles and just laughed at each other. Then the girls and I started to dance and sing, and they taught me their Indian songs and dances. They laughed and laughed at me because I am so white and American!

When we went back into the chapel, the older lady gypsies sold us jewelry. I bought a few.

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