Sunday, June 28, 2009

Train anyone? the 27th and 28th

After our free breakfast, we jumped on the metro to the train station in Paris.  Our train left around 9:00am.  We again did not have reservations, and the train was completely full. We knew if we sat in seats we might have gotten kicked off; therefore, we sat in the luggage/lounge car on the floor for 4 hours as stow-aways.  
In Limoges, we were supposed to meet Emilie, Elizabeths French T.A, but with no internet, no phone, and no way to get in touch we were running out of options after 2 hours in the train station.  We jumped into another train taking us to Narbonne, the ticket man said it didn't matter if we were sitting in the stow away section, we still had to have a reservation.  We knew that we were going to have to pay, so we just went and sat in the comfortable chairs across from our soon to be Merlyn Jackson. He was a serious bike rider from South Africa. He was white!
We got off in Narbonne at 8pm and ran across the street where we scrambled enough money to get french fries. An hour later, our next train was leaving to Marseille. Back in the cargospace for us.  We sat on the floor and began yet another hour of playing gin.  Getting resless, but hanging in there we awaited our arrival.  Marseille has the reputation of being rough and not safe for 3 American girls; therefore, we were nervous that we weren't going to be able to catch another train and we would be stranded there.  When we did arrive, the board told us the next train to Cannes would be at 6:15 in the morning, but we could go to Toulon (a city closer to Cannes and safer than Marseille) in 5 minutes.  We sprinted to the most sketchiest (if that is a word) graffitied train ever that took us to Toulon.
When we arrived in Toulon it was around 11pm, and that was it for our journey..we would have to continue it the next morning at 6:00am because the trains stopped running. We made a new friend Chris from Canada, talked him into protecting us while we spent the night in the train station and made a spot in the waiting room.  Soon after our comfort settled in, the security brought the bad news kicking us out because "the station now close sorry."  The same facial expression on our faces was the same of those who were sitting next to us.  They were a group of 3, 2 boys and a girl.  I asked if they were from the US and stranded likewise.  They smiled and said yes and introduced themselves. Peter, Leah, and Ryan..all in Law school and all 22 from California.
All 7 of us decided to group up and protect eachother awaiting our early morning train.  We went to the only open place and bought a drink.  We sat getting to know eachother and playing B.S.  just like all Americans know how to play.  Around 2, they were closing.  We all packed up like mules with our backpacks and found a spot not far from the train station in the courtyard and played the ever fun game, spoons!  Around 4, this creepy group of 4 approached us.  2 boys and 2 girls…more like men and women. Anyhow, we couldn’t tell if they were drunk and just being dumb or if they were scammers. Peter and Ryan stood up and said well…its time to go. At 4:30, the station opened and I slept on top of all the luggage.  I was so sleepy, I didn’t even realize that they had helped me on the train. In no time, we had passed Cannes and were getting of the train in Nice, France. 
Chris had left us back in Toulon and boarded another train.  We followed Ryan, Peter, and Leah to their hostel and booked a room as well.  Ryan stayed in our room because there was 4 beds and Peter and Leah (dating) were in a double private. 
It was now the 28th and we were all delirious.  We changed into our swim suites and found the beach easily. We all napped on the pebble beach for 2 hours. Then taking another nap later in a grassy area by some beautiful fountains under big trees.  This was really just a peaceful day of napping.
That night the California people went for dinner while Elizabeth, Kate and I decided to watch the sunset again at the beach.  We sat on these beach chairs. The security guard let us stay even though it was against the rules. I love being a girl. 


ready for the update in a nutshell?

We checked out of the hotel. Took a God-aweful expensive taxi all the way across town to our hostel. Checked in, ate, met people, took a nap.

Around 4:30, we took the metro to Sacre Coeur, where we climbed the hill, and the endless staircases to the very highest point in Paris.  This cathedral is notorious for having the best view of Paris, and was loaded with people all over the place.

We then walked down to the shadiest place ever, the red light district. Moulin Rouge. We saw, and left just as quickly as we came. 

Okay readers, please bare with me with the short blogs and no pictures. I have zero money for internet, and very little time to share a computer with 2 other beautiful girls! I will put up a ton of pictures when I can with captions. 

the 25th

We woke up earlier than we have the entire Europe trip. Ha...8am doesn't seem early, but when your agenda is to roam around doing as you please, checking off life's to-do list, 8am is not necessary.  
We walked to Le Lourve, entered into the glass pyrymid, and found the ticket line.  This line is notorious for people to wait for at least an hour and sometimes up to three.  Luckily, we stood in line for maybe 10 minutes, and we wondered to the statue wing of the famous museum.  The statues were intense! The majority of them were life proportioned men or women, or a little larger.  The symbolic features were interesting to figure out, but honestly we had the most fun setting the camera on a timer and all of us posing in front of the statues imitating them.  Sometimes when there was no place to set the camera, we would ask someone to take it...they never knew English.  Thank God for body language.
After a while, we all wanted to go see actual paintings such as the Mona Lisa, Van Gouge paintings...  We had a little lunch, and headed that way.  We literally looked at hundreds of beautiful paintings. Some of the paintings were longer than my house! I cant even phathom how long it must have took them!
After being on our feet for hours and hours, walking around, we were all exhausted.  At 12:30, we went back to our hotel, and literally took a 3 hour nap. It was almost as satisfying as seeing the Eiffel Tower light up. We decided to get over our groggy-selves, and go see another historic artifact.
Notre Dame. 
How can I possibly describe how dark and bright it is. How tall and yet so compact.  How it is so much better than the hunch back of Notre Dame's illustration.  The stained glass windows have every color of the spectrum while having a pattern to make you stare and wonder who deciphered this brilliant placement. No really. This place was amazing. Mass was taking place, but this didn't stop the tourists, nor me, from walking around the church.  The gargoyles really are perched every 5 feet away from eachother, and the dark architecture intensifies the all the stereotypes really.  The way they describe Notre Dame as almost a spooky entourage, well it seems so.
The Gothic cathedral is beautiful though. Dimly lit purely by the stained glass windows and candle light.  Although we only spent maybe 10 to 15 minutes touring the place...I found the visit a century long because I tried to soak in the entire atmosphere as if I was obliged to know every pew, window, painting, or tile.  It was one of my favorites.  
Because we walked all the way from the Eiffle Tower to the Pennisula where Notre Dame was located, we were exhausted from the mileage.  We found the nearest metro and made our way back to our hotel. SLEEEEEP.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 27

6:55am, Elizabeth woke me up. I rolled out of my bunk bed, and made myself get ready for traveling day.

7:30, FREE BREAKFAST!  Bread, cereal, orange juice, milk, and coffee.  8:00, we took the metro on a long ride to the train station.  We only waited 10 minutes until we boarded the train.  The very first seats we sat in we only sat for 2 minutes.  Immediatly these ticket holders showed us their reseration for the seats.  We walked (outside the train) to the very first cargo train.  There were lounge areas where people stored their luggage, so we took a seat on the floor with our luggage.  Our intent was to seat ourselves when the train started moving, but we settled and the ticket-checkers never checked our tickets!

This young couple had the same idea.  They were so annoying!!!!!! We had to watch them makeout for 2 hours. I mean...go get a room.

Finally, 12:00 we were in Limoges! Emilie was supposed to pick us up, but we werent sure if she was going to be there because she hadnt replied to any of Elizabeth's texts.

An hour passed, and we still couldn't find internet or a means of communication to reach Emilie.  Our only solution was to get back on the train and head to Cannes.  The next train that was heading south was going to Cerbere, the very south tip of France.

2:06, we sat down where the bicycles were being stowed.  We thought our plan was 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Versailles on the 24th

Yesterday, we got up and showered in our glamorous luxury shower.  Elizabeth smuggled some of the tasty jellies and cheese circles from the breakfast buffet for our lunch.  We headed out on the subway to Versailles.

As soon as we got to the busy small town, we stopped by a bakery and bought un baguette; which is a long long stick of bread.  After walking in the wrong direction for 10 minutes, we bump into the most precious blonde haired family from Oregon.  They redirected us to the Chateau, the castle or palace of Versailles. 

We waited in line for 30 minutes and bought tickets to tour the mere home of the Royale King Louis XIV and his family. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! 

As we walked through, room to room, every room was so intricate.  The first room was red velvet victorian wall paper from ceiling to floor.  The drapes matches.  Then green. Then blue!!! All velvet and victorian filled with giant paintings (most likely duplicates but they looked so real!).  The blue room had all the Queens, decendant after decendant. To be honest all the Queens looked alike and they werent that attractive.  They actually looked like men in giant poofy accordian dresses.

Most of the paintings of women were beautiful, but ironic. Let me tell you why Elizabeth and I think so. They were all either completely naked or showing at least one boob.  And didnt they dress soooooo conservatively back in the day?As in dresses buttoned up to their neck and draping down poofing  out with a diameter of 6 feet?  Then it is a beautiful and innocent thing to be photographed or painted naked.  Titanic anyone? Now lets speed up the clock.. Now-a-days, you can dress while showing a considerable amount of skin without looking "skanky." (pardon the phrase). But to pose for anytype of art may it be photography or paintings it is considered provacative and not acceptable.  Hmmmmm.

After seeing the Kings and Queens Chamber, we found a spot in the courtyard to have lunch.  We pulled out the baguette, jelly, and cheese we smuggled in through securtity, and I had a tube of dijon spicy mustard that Susan gave me from Switzerland. Ps. Im obsessed with this mustard! It tastes good on everything! 

After lunch, we found our way down the marble steps, that are slightly slanting because of the wear and tear, outside, and to the gardens. We walked through the life-size mazes for a while talking in British accents losing our breath from either laughing at ourself or at the beautiful flower gardens or fountains or at the couples going at it making out. Oh people watching. Thats half the fun of it ya know.

We found a spot down by the water in a shady spot against a tree.  We stayed there for almost 2 hours, listening to music, reading, writing, or playing gin.

We strolled through town for a little bit, then jumped back in the subway to head back to Paris.  We hung out at the hotel for a little bit, gaining some energy and waiting on Kate. She went and got the cutest hair cut EVER! Then we went to a restaurant and ate some pizza.  We reached our goal fattening our bellies and walked to the Eiffel Tower. We wanted to see it glitter. We people watched and played gin waiting for the light show.  Finally, at exactly 11:00pm it lit up as if it were a light house, and China was looking for the dock.

Life is grand.

for the love of wine, bread, and cheese, let us on that train!

 Getting to Paris was a little crazy.  When I got out of the shower, Susan said we had 20 minutes to leave.  This put franzy all over my face for I thought I had an entire hour. I threw clothes on my body and practically flew down the stair well for  couple of bites of cereal.  I made it!

At 8:37am we loaded onto a bus where we got off 2 stops later. Then we loaded onto another bu 2 mintues later and got off the bus at 9:04, and waited for the tram. Susan said this was a long ride (this is when anxiety was taking place because our train was to leave at 9:34!), but we got off and raced in the train station to our train. YESSSS, some running exercise!

9:34 our train left for Paris.  We had to get off to get on our connecting train in another town...this is where the real problems started.  We found our gate with help from a British man, but the ticket man gaurding the train would not let us on. He repeated over and over, and finally saying each syllable, "res er va tioooooon," as though we couldnt comprehend.  We ran back to the ticket counter and printed a number to wait in line. 141....15 minutes..142..5 minutes. Bahhhh it was 10:57 and our train left at 11:02. We said, "forget it!" throwing our papers in the air. We ran back to the train with intentions to sneak on with no res er va tioooooon. The ticket man was talking to some people, and we practically ran by him. He started to follow but we jumped on the train and sprinted down the aisle.

2 stops and an hour later, he asked me if I had my reservation.  I did the Saturday Night Live response, "yes honey"  He said, "will you be paying in Francs or Euros?" We each had to pay only 10 Euros and he made us move twice to the lowest dirtiest secluded part of the train.


we bought a 3 day all inclusive transportation pass.  We took the subway to the Eiffel Tower, and made our way underneath it to our hotel.  Poor little Kate has a backpack she could sleep in. We went to every hotel, but every one turned us down because they were full. Plus every hostel was already full.  We went to the Eiffel Park hotel, where we painfully had to book the most expensive suit in Paris.  It was 260...which is a discount considering it was 280 plus 12 euros for breakfast a person, but she gave us breakfast free.  260 is 457 dollars people.  This made my stomach drop, but now all we can do is laugh and say, "I mean what ya gonna do?" So not only are we safe in Paris but we stayed in the nicest room ever!

We walked around and across one of the most ornate bridges in the world. We came back to the hotel where Elizabeth and I played Gin like no ones business. We played probably 30 games!

We were bored of sitting around so we walked to a wine bar not far away and each ordered a drink. We walked back and SLEEEEEPt in the nicest bed ever.  Bon soir.

Monday, June 22, 2009

oh my gramps.

I love you Grandpa Joe! Mamma told me you are reading this! I hope you are enjoying it! I actually was talking about you the other day to my friend Elizabeth, and I told her how I used to crawl up in your lap every time I came to visit you...oh, I still do that! I told her about your trains, birds, and just you! awe, I love my "Grampaw Joe!"

hiking in the vinyards

in the rain...E and Eli

me and was raining if you can tell.

the name of the village. the "weine" means wine. ps. that is me if you can spot me. WHERES (: teehee...I love inside jokes. you havent been able to cut out those in a year Mom, sad day.

the grape vinyard.

Kate and I decided to hike while Alicia went to a communion/mass in a monestary or convent? Actually I could be butchering that with the spelling and even location. To be honest, I cant remember and she is asleep, but she did tell me that the service was full of nuns and the actual mass was on Sunday but she went today, Monday for this service. Anyhow, Elizabeth decided to chill at home and read.

We set off and hiked for two hours! We walked through a village before we actually started getting to the steep part. We really didnt know our way, but we wanted to go all the way up the mountain to the giant words that said the name of the village on there. The words looked like the "Hollywood" in Beverly Hills. Anyway, we ate rasberries on the way, and saw a gnome statue garden. It was hilarious. Yes I did take a few pictures.

Here in switzerland, there are millions of planted flowers EVERYWHERE! They are in the fountains, where they make arrangements and change them every week, in the flower boxes under the windows, lining the houses and streets, and most importantly the gardens. The typical Switzerland garden is loaded with flowers that are so ...hmmm almost unheard of in the US. As in, there is no way we could plant them and the flowers survive. They had every flower you imagine also. They had lavender every where.

Kate and I walked through a couple of these in peoples backyards to make it up the mountian. At one point this man caught us, laughed and let us go on our way telling us the best path to take. We made all the way to the top!

On our way down, we found the nastiest biggest slug we have ever seen! And believe me, we have seen several slugs, this mamma was HUGE! we touched it, leaving our fingers with permanent nasty on them. It shrunk up and hid its little eye lookin` antennas. Kate and I both attempted to poke it and try to move it but it was stuck to the ground just like they teach you in 6th grade science.

After watching the last half of Chocolat with Elizabeth because she didnt see it all the night before, we watched a little of Fried Green Tomatoes (my favorite movie) in German. But because some of the people got annoyed with me translating the movie (not because of my fluent German comprehension, but because of my knowledge of every word of the script), we changed the movie to Mamma Mia. We watched this twice, just because, while Elizabeth and I played 15 hands of Gin during the second time we watched the musical.

Our reasoning for indoor activity, was the rain of course. It rained all afternoon.
Finally, we were able to go for a little walk for an hour which is where a few of the pictures derive from.


This was an incredible display of stained glass. It was right by the market where we bought the best chocolate ever! I like this because #1 I like all the colors and the stained glass, but #2 I really like the globe or maps in general so the glass countries were awesome.

This is in Lucerne, a small city close to the mountain that we went up to.

this was a castle in Lucerne.

Universal love.

the city.

another beautiful church.

more of the city and water.

kate and me in the mirror of the elevator ceiling

the snow

me in the snow.

me and kate in front of the window and all the scenery..I mean snow.

the food I ate in the fancy restaurant.

the ice cube

Kate and me in front of this creepy chef at the highest restaurant in Europe.

The snow...little blurry because I took this out of a foggy window

half way up the mountain taking the cable car. we had to wait 30 minutes there to get accostumed to the altitude.
In the cable car on our way up. Good bye green. The fog settled in.

It rained on our little cable car.

Some more of the view from the cable car.

Elizabeth and I got to ride in our own while everyone else squished in one. we told them to come with us to even it out!

the water.

This was so neat. They had quotes in Swiss German along the walls at a certain point by the water.

This big Swiss guy came and picked us all up at 10am. We climbed into his old van and made our way 2 hours away from Zürich. I slept the whole time. If Im not driving I sleep dont I Dad?
Anyway when we did finally get there we all got onto this cable car and we rode up for 30 minutes. We went from 280 feet above sea level to 10,000 feet above. After the second cable car that took about the same amount of time, it was completely blinding white. The snow and fog over came any green that might be seen from the lower part of the mountain.
We ate at this restaurant known to be the highest in all of Europe. I was a little skeptical when I read the prices on the menu. Because I got 50 francs out of an atm and it pulled 46 dollars out of my account, I knew the currencies were similar, but their swiss money was worth just a little less than our American money. But when you see 33 francs to 56 francs, you know that is a dang expensive meal. I was going to order a side salad with nothing to drink to keep my bill at 8.50 francs. Then the man showing us around said he was paying the bill and to order a nice main meal. He also said that if we were paying we wouldnt be eating up here, and that we would have packed a lunch. So 3 of us ordered a plate with the cost of 38 francs, and another one of the girls ordered something different with the same price. Plus we all got a drink. Whoa, he`s got a hole in his pocket. It was the best meal EVERRRR!
After we ate, we actually went up a little higher in the mountain where the glacier was found. We got to walk on a giant ice cube! It was so exciting! Even though it was all white it was still an adrenaline rush. Okay, funny side note. Elizabeth and I just got back from India correct? Indians were the majority of the tourists! They had signs everywhere saying Indian groups this way, and there were Indians every where wearing their tunics with scarfs and tennis shoes. It made me laugh. Anyway comes to find out this is their Bollywood. Basically their Hollywood what is to us. They had pictures of all the Indian movie stars hanging up. And at the very bottom of the mountain there was a stand with Indian food and tea. Cracked me up.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday Mornnnnning in Austria. Afternooooon in Switzerland.


One of the gorgeous churches

Switzerland flag...notice its not rectangular..its square. and the blue and white is the Zürich flag

There flower pots were enormous and so colorful! I want one. Every year they have an object all over town that the stores buy and it is just a tradition. Like theyve had cows or benches etc...and all painted uniquely. I want a giant pott!

After breakfast, the entire Burger family with Andreas, Rachel, Hannah, David, and Jakob loaded Elizabeth and I up into their van and we sped down to the train station. We got there at 9:56am and our train left at big deal. We had a few minutes before the train arrived so we played a few more games of Gin Rummy. The train arrived and usually it waits for 5 minutes so we decided to finish our hand. The very second we sat down on the train, the man blew his whistle and we were moving. AWEEEE! note to Elise and Elizabeth...get on the train the second it arrives!
We didnt have to switch to a connection train, thank goodness! We went straight on to Zürich, Switzerland. We were supposed to meet Kate, Alicia (her friend), and Susan (her aunt) under a blue angel. We were expecting a nice exentric innocent angel. This angel was ginormous with huge boobs and a head that was smaller than one of the boobs! Plus the dress that the angel was wearing was really colorful and soooo modern. This was really a moment of, "I guess you had to be there." Anyway it was so funny...not what we were expecting.
When we saw Kate, it was such a relief. Hugs and greetings and meetings and handshakes and finally we were ready to leave the train station. We jumped on a tram, then a bus, then another bus....then I lost count of what all we rode and just followed the line of girls.

Susan`s house is so cute and European. It is a three story house and petite. There is a small but comfortable kitchen and the dining area and living room merge into a perfect space for fellowship. There is a spiral staircase, and the second floor there are 3 different bedrooms where the parents sleep, the two girls share a room, and the boys share a room. (they have 2 daughters and 2 sons...for those of you and think like me and was confused.) The oldest daughter is studying in Cali, so Kate took her spot on the top of the bunk bed. The remaining 3 of us slept on the third floor which is a cozy little study/office.

Silas, the oldest son, T...somthing or other, the younger son, and Oris, the dad showed us four around Zürich. Everything that he attempted to show us was closed or opening a few hours later like the temple tower, the church, and the boatride. We walked around looking ooing and aweing killing time until we could see these historic artifacts. When we did walk up to the church, there was a wedding postponing our tour. The bride was wearing a black wedding dress. Crazy. I took a picture Dad. Anyway, it was the most bizzare thing Ive ever seen.

We did get to view the Fraumünster Zürich which means Fraum Church, I believe. We saw Marc Chagall`s Windows. My favorite was the Zion Window that was mainly yellow with King David playing his harp at the botton of the stained window. MMMMMMMmmmmm...I loved just sitting in the wooden pews looking this glass art.

The boat we finally caught was flat and completely inclosed. As in there was no dock or anywhere to stick your hand out. I called it the sinking bus, because we were half way in the water and the seats were those of a bus....not a genius name I know. Anyway it took us through Lake Zürich.
There are a ton of swans here and ducks. I think Ive seen a few geese too. Made me think of you Brother.

Later, we went back to the house, and honestly we were all so exhausted we ate breads and assorted cheeses for dinner and watched Chocolat, with sexy Jonny Depp and went to bed. What a great day!

Ill update what we did today tomorrow...Im too tired! Happy Father`s Day Daddyyyy! I hope this one was your best one yet!

Friday, June 19, 2009

the rain

my entry literally for the day is a few sentences with little detail.
we slept in because of the rain.
we stayed in because of the rain.
David and I walked and picked up Jakob from school in the rain.
We watched three movies because of the rain.
I love the rain.
Now I feel like a zombie in the rain.
Elizabeth and I are about to go have a gelatto and a coffee in the rain.
the end of the day will end in the rain.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

champagne and icecream with a little bit of that too much to ask for?

Okay today has pretty much topped anything that we've done so far. Rachel took us up the mountain side and we hiked for about 2 and half hours. The last picture you see is just a typical house and their hay in the background. We were so high up I felt as though I could see Texas. There were parts of the trails that that we had to walk across logs and balance to not fall into the mud. This typical hike might not have been any extra ordinary but on one side you could see all of Austria plus 100s of Mountains fading back like a painting and when you look in the other direction you can see the enormous lake and three different countries at the same time. Not to mention EXERCISE!

After our hike, we went down the road a little bit and had stinky thick cheese on whole wheat bread for lunch. (the reason I say stinky cheese is because its literal and because it isnt just american cheese.) We sat in between a garden and a grave yard. In the picture where I am sitting under a window on a bench is where we all sat. In America this might seem disturbing, but in Europe the grave yards are very different. They are apart of the church, the graveyards that is, and they are maintained daily. You will never see fake flowers on these graves, and people visit every single day to water and take care of these graves. At the end of each grave is a small bowl usually of some sort with holy water where they either use a brush or a natural leave to splash the water on the grave. It is actually beautiful with the colorful flowers and roses. Such a culture shock.

Because I already have pictures in bathing suits etc...I just enjoyed the lake today. Elizabeth and I biked down through the town, past an enormous outdoor theater built on the water, down a bike trail, and we found ourselves at a pebble beach a little farther away from the road and a little larger than the other one we had been on. We tanned, treaded water for 30 minutes, swam, dried off and went back into town. We tried to look through some of the shops but we just have this mentality to not spend anything because we have no room to store our purchase in our tiny backpacks!

okay...PAUSE....It is 2:30am and it is pouring harder than if we were in the desert and God decided to dump the Pacific right over the only building to be seen for 400 miles..and we are sittin in it. The thunder is so close my heart is actually peeing its pants and I personally have NEVER been scared of thunder storms. I stayed awake because I am just in love with this thunder storm, but being on the 3rd floor in a room made of glass is a little bit scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA okay something else funny just happened. All these windows are actually doors and can be opened, which they are most of the time, and as I am writing this a little scared...I hear a noise of one of the windows banging and I scream! ...okay this is what is going through my head, 'the windows are being ripped from the flesh of this house, and a tornado has come to suck Elizabeth and me away, but its okay because I LOVE JESUS and the last thing that I did on earth was the best day of my life!'.....turns out Rachel came up to see if they were closed but she didnt see me because we should be asleep, and I didnt see her because she came up the stairs as silent and quickly as the rain enveloped our pretty day.

Okay skipping on to dinner. Jacob went to sleep around 6:45 and Andreas' brother was going to watch over him while Andreas, Rachel, Hannah, David, Elizabeth, and I went on a nice ride to a restaraunt. Little did we know that this would top the untopable restaraunt we ate at the night before! I put a picture up of our mountain side\lake view under yellow umbrellas and in an authentic Austrian restaraunt. It was unbelievable! Elizabeth and I both had Wiener Snitzel (what we all associate with a hot dog). Wiener Snitzel is veal cutlets with a breading and a hint of lemon. It was delicious and to me it tasted like chicken fried chicken with a little bit different texture and tendency. FREAKIN YUM!

Afterwards we vistited a little chapel then made our way to another restaraunt not far away. This restaraunt is right next to the gandala that we wanted to take but didnt have the time. It has the best view, and the has the highest rate of attraction for tourists. Plus the owner is Rachels best friend Michelle which is from Austrialia...ironic eh? Anyway, Michelle, her husband and the others were so excited to have us we all had house champagne and a bowl of strawberry and vanilla icecream with a waffer in the middle. We laughed, drank, ate, and watched the sun hide making the sky look as though Id thrown my icecream and stained the sky. It was gorgeous...or beyond what I can describe. I put a picture there, but the is only a grain of the beach of the experience of actually seeing it yourself. Wish you could have come along.

I think Ill pack it in. Traum und...meaning dream well.

The 17th

Honestly, I was too tired to blog yesterday so here is an update about what we did.

Elizabeth, Rachel, and I left the house around 9, and Rachel showed us around the town. She showed all sorts of historic buildings and churches. We walked through, in and out, slowly up, enjoyably down, and around the town. She showed us her church that their family goes to. Almost has Michaelangelo beat. The paintings along with with just the architecture of the church is just breath taking. You can tell that this church was built to let the voices of the choir boom on a Sunday morning. We walked up some of the steepest stairs ever! They were so tiny we were laughing coming back down them because we thought we might miss one and just get it all in with the domino effect of making everyone else fall and a side order of 3 broken bones.
For lunch we met up with all 3 kids and had an Austrian specialty called käse somethin or is basically homemade dumplings and shredded stinky cheese with sweet fried onions. It was the best Austrian macraroni and cheese ever! Thats what I like to call it.
Afterwards, Elizabeth and I took Rachel and Andreas' bikes down to town. We started off laying on the pebble stone beach for an hour, then we moved down the coast to a grassy area, but we moved quickly when I counted 10 huge bumble bees all around us getting pollen from the little flowers around us. We went and got us gelatto on our way to the best spot ever! We found our best spot out on a dock at the very end. We both listened to music screaming out our favorite songs out as loud as we could possible sing them, and journaled in between the songs.
For dinner, Rachel took us to the top of one of the mountains where Andreas met up with us. This was the most beautiful breathtaking views Ive ever seen from a restaraunt. Just to make things better, we had a glass of light red wine and a plate of several several asorted stinky cheeses. The best. period.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The breath-taking Bregenz, Austria

Elizabeth and me at the Bodensee..which mean the Boden Lake. We were on steps that led down into the water

Rachel, Elizabeth, and me having a slice of cake and coffee.

The seekapelle.

The amazing gothic church...

One of the houses we passed

Rachel's living room

The room we stayed in...3\4th's of the room was all windows and then the other half were our beds and a kitchenette with a bathroom. Royalty?

our beds

The light house in Lindau, Germany...right before we went across the border to Austria..I figured you both would like this Daddy and Aunt Kim.

The train station that Rachel picked us up at