Thursday, June 18, 2009

The 17th

Honestly, I was too tired to blog yesterday so here is an update about what we did.

Elizabeth, Rachel, and I left the house around 9, and Rachel showed us around the town. She showed all sorts of historic buildings and churches. We walked through, in and out, slowly up, enjoyably down, and around the town. She showed us her church that their family goes to. Almost has Michaelangelo beat. The paintings along with with just the architecture of the church is just breath taking. You can tell that this church was built to let the voices of the choir boom on a Sunday morning. We walked up some of the steepest stairs ever! They were so tiny we were laughing coming back down them because we thought we might miss one and just get it all in with the domino effect of making everyone else fall and a side order of 3 broken bones.
For lunch we met up with all 3 kids and had an Austrian specialty called käse somethin or is basically homemade dumplings and shredded stinky cheese with sweet fried onions. It was the best Austrian macraroni and cheese ever! Thats what I like to call it.
Afterwards, Elizabeth and I took Rachel and Andreas' bikes down to town. We started off laying on the pebble stone beach for an hour, then we moved down the coast to a grassy area, but we moved quickly when I counted 10 huge bumble bees all around us getting pollen from the little flowers around us. We went and got us gelatto on our way to the best spot ever! We found our best spot out on a dock at the very end. We both listened to music screaming out our favorite songs out as loud as we could possible sing them, and journaled in between the songs.
For dinner, Rachel took us to the top of one of the mountains where Andreas met up with us. This was the most beautiful breathtaking views Ive ever seen from a restaraunt. Just to make things better, we had a glass of light red wine and a plate of several several asorted stinky cheeses. The best. period.


Cherl said...

Love! A nice relaxing beautiful day!! I was trying to get a look at that toe on the beach picture but couldn't see it....:-)

Elise Peak said...

phahahah! its fine! stop worrying! enjoy the scenery!

Popcorn said...

Fantastic post Elise. Did E sleep through that thunderstorm??? The bikes rides are so great! The beach, the eating, the Burgers, all so great!!!

Elise Peak said...

ha well she slept through most of it. She went to bed around 12:30am then woke up at 2:30 when Rachel came in..and like one or two times other than that..but man your baby girl can sleeeeeep! haha...I went to bed at 3:30am and woke up before her! (: