Sunday, June 28, 2009

the 25th

We woke up earlier than we have the entire Europe trip. Ha...8am doesn't seem early, but when your agenda is to roam around doing as you please, checking off life's to-do list, 8am is not necessary.  
We walked to Le Lourve, entered into the glass pyrymid, and found the ticket line.  This line is notorious for people to wait for at least an hour and sometimes up to three.  Luckily, we stood in line for maybe 10 minutes, and we wondered to the statue wing of the famous museum.  The statues were intense! The majority of them were life proportioned men or women, or a little larger.  The symbolic features were interesting to figure out, but honestly we had the most fun setting the camera on a timer and all of us posing in front of the statues imitating them.  Sometimes when there was no place to set the camera, we would ask someone to take it...they never knew English.  Thank God for body language.
After a while, we all wanted to go see actual paintings such as the Mona Lisa, Van Gouge paintings...  We had a little lunch, and headed that way.  We literally looked at hundreds of beautiful paintings. Some of the paintings were longer than my house! I cant even phathom how long it must have took them!
After being on our feet for hours and hours, walking around, we were all exhausted.  At 12:30, we went back to our hotel, and literally took a 3 hour nap. It was almost as satisfying as seeing the Eiffel Tower light up. We decided to get over our groggy-selves, and go see another historic artifact.
Notre Dame. 
How can I possibly describe how dark and bright it is. How tall and yet so compact.  How it is so much better than the hunch back of Notre Dame's illustration.  The stained glass windows have every color of the spectrum while having a pattern to make you stare and wonder who deciphered this brilliant placement. No really. This place was amazing. Mass was taking place, but this didn't stop the tourists, nor me, from walking around the church.  The gargoyles really are perched every 5 feet away from eachother, and the dark architecture intensifies the all the stereotypes really.  The way they describe Notre Dame as almost a spooky entourage, well it seems so.
The Gothic cathedral is beautiful though. Dimly lit purely by the stained glass windows and candle light.  Although we only spent maybe 10 to 15 minutes touring the place...I found the visit a century long because I tried to soak in the entire atmosphere as if I was obliged to know every pew, window, painting, or tile.  It was one of my favorites.  
Because we walked all the way from the Eiffle Tower to the Pennisula where Notre Dame was located, we were exhausted from the mileage.  We found the nearest metro and made our way back to our hotel. SLEEEEEP.


Cherl said...

I loved this day's blog - very well written and so descriptive!! Love you!

Marinda said...

OOoooooo la la! Loved those places too! Especially Le Louvre! Wasn't the Mona Lisa a lot smaller than you ever thought??