Friday, June 5, 2009

Attack of the Lost

I went to the market place again with Michell, Kirsten, Elizabeth, Kim, and Kari.

I was more inlcined to take pictures rather than buy anything. All of the girls went up to buy some Indian sweets and I stood just a few feet away from the girls, right next to the road.

I was just enjoying trying to talk to some of the natives, when this girl and her baby came up to me and started begging for money. I declined her request as nice as I could, but when I turned to walk away another older begger lady was staring up at me. Before I knew it I was surrounded by 7 of them. I tried talking to them all, but first of all they didn't speak English. Secondly, they didn't really care and kept kitting and grabbing my arms for money. They would do the notion of putting their fingers to their mouth. Then they would tap their stomach and point and look at me with their sad eyes. The older beggers actually had cataracs on their eyes. They would holding their hands and cups out for me to fill them with silver paises. It broke my heart to see them so dirty, toothless, and without a drop of humility. i took pictures of them, and when I showed them they would laugh, but they would go back to their purpose...begging.

This man, who looked fairly clean, walked up to me and told me that they were asking me for money. I told him I realized that, but I just didn't give money to begger and I would be willing to buy them food. He asked where I was from, and as soon as I said America, he told me that America was a rich country and that I DO have enough money. I agreed but again told him my proposal. As I tried to change the subject, I asked him his name. He told me it was Bobby. Then when I asked him what religion he practiced he said Hindu, but he wasn't able to really describe it to me.

I just dont quite understand how Christians are always accused of being hipocrites when hundreds of other religions are culturally practiced rather than spiritually and as a personal choice lifestyle. He had no idea what his religion meant. It just made me sad. We didn't have long so I didn't just want to throw out the Jesus card, but I just told him my name and that I was a Christian. I smiled and left.

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