Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The breath-taking Bregenz, Austria

Elizabeth and me at the Bodensee..which mean the Boden Lake. We were on steps that led down into the water

Rachel, Elizabeth, and me having a slice of cake and coffee.

The seekapelle.

The amazing gothic church...

One of the houses we passed

Rachel's living room

The room we stayed in...3\4th's of the room was all windows and then the other half were our beds and a kitchenette with a bathroom. Royalty?

our beds

The light house in Lindau, Germany...right before we went across the border to Austria..I figured you both would like this Daddy and Aunt Kim.

The train station that Rachel picked us up at


Popcorn said...

Oh Elise thank you! Great pictures!

Marinda said...

I love light houses!