Monday, June 1, 2009

bubble party on Sunday the 31st

On Sunday, we went to St. John's Church and we sang a song for the congregation. It was beautiful...I actually got chills singing it, and no worries Mom and Dad, we got it on video! After Church, we went to China Town, this restaurant, and even though it was delicious, I was bobbing my head I was so tired.
Afterwards, we went to Ruby's house, and I crashed for just an hour, but it felt like 3 days! SOOOO GOOD! I love naps! We then headed to the Hope House, and when we pulled out the bubbles, the girls went crazy! They absolutely loved them! They was a whole sea of bubbles as some of us tried to draw on the sidewalk with chalk.. Sad to say that not only 15 minutes into transforming the sidewalk Marry Poppin's style, the rain started to come and washed it away within in seconds. We went inside for some tea until the rain stopped and soon the bubble chaos began again! I think I have learned all 15 of the girl's goes H. Briya, M. Briya, Maria, Bommie, Liza, Salomi, Roja, Gayatri, Sujatha, Sangeetha, Sonia, Gayalazmi, Chintamani, Mogana, and Sandhya.
Thats all for now.
all my love,

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