Thursday, June 18, 2009

champagne and icecream with a little bit of that too much to ask for?

Okay today has pretty much topped anything that we've done so far. Rachel took us up the mountain side and we hiked for about 2 and half hours. The last picture you see is just a typical house and their hay in the background. We were so high up I felt as though I could see Texas. There were parts of the trails that that we had to walk across logs and balance to not fall into the mud. This typical hike might not have been any extra ordinary but on one side you could see all of Austria plus 100s of Mountains fading back like a painting and when you look in the other direction you can see the enormous lake and three different countries at the same time. Not to mention EXERCISE!

After our hike, we went down the road a little bit and had stinky thick cheese on whole wheat bread for lunch. (the reason I say stinky cheese is because its literal and because it isnt just american cheese.) We sat in between a garden and a grave yard. In the picture where I am sitting under a window on a bench is where we all sat. In America this might seem disturbing, but in Europe the grave yards are very different. They are apart of the church, the graveyards that is, and they are maintained daily. You will never see fake flowers on these graves, and people visit every single day to water and take care of these graves. At the end of each grave is a small bowl usually of some sort with holy water where they either use a brush or a natural leave to splash the water on the grave. It is actually beautiful with the colorful flowers and roses. Such a culture shock.

Because I already have pictures in bathing suits etc...I just enjoyed the lake today. Elizabeth and I biked down through the town, past an enormous outdoor theater built on the water, down a bike trail, and we found ourselves at a pebble beach a little farther away from the road and a little larger than the other one we had been on. We tanned, treaded water for 30 minutes, swam, dried off and went back into town. We tried to look through some of the shops but we just have this mentality to not spend anything because we have no room to store our purchase in our tiny backpacks!

okay...PAUSE....It is 2:30am and it is pouring harder than if we were in the desert and God decided to dump the Pacific right over the only building to be seen for 400 miles..and we are sittin in it. The thunder is so close my heart is actually peeing its pants and I personally have NEVER been scared of thunder storms. I stayed awake because I am just in love with this thunder storm, but being on the 3rd floor in a room made of glass is a little bit scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA okay something else funny just happened. All these windows are actually doors and can be opened, which they are most of the time, and as I am writing this a little scared...I hear a noise of one of the windows banging and I scream! ...okay this is what is going through my head, 'the windows are being ripped from the flesh of this house, and a tornado has come to suck Elizabeth and me away, but its okay because I LOVE JESUS and the last thing that I did on earth was the best day of my life!'.....turns out Rachel came up to see if they were closed but she didnt see me because we should be asleep, and I didnt see her because she came up the stairs as silent and quickly as the rain enveloped our pretty day.

Okay skipping on to dinner. Jacob went to sleep around 6:45 and Andreas' brother was going to watch over him while Andreas, Rachel, Hannah, David, Elizabeth, and I went on a nice ride to a restaraunt. Little did we know that this would top the untopable restaraunt we ate at the night before! I put a picture up of our mountain side\lake view under yellow umbrellas and in an authentic Austrian restaraunt. It was unbelievable! Elizabeth and I both had Wiener Snitzel (what we all associate with a hot dog). Wiener Snitzel is veal cutlets with a breading and a hint of lemon. It was delicious and to me it tasted like chicken fried chicken with a little bit different texture and tendency. FREAKIN YUM!

Afterwards we vistited a little chapel then made our way to another restaraunt not far away. This restaraunt is right next to the gandala that we wanted to take but didnt have the time. It has the best view, and the has the highest rate of attraction for tourists. Plus the owner is Rachels best friend Michelle which is from Austrialia...ironic eh? Anyway, Michelle, her husband and the others were so excited to have us we all had house champagne and a bowl of strawberry and vanilla icecream with a waffer in the middle. We laughed, drank, ate, and watched the sun hide making the sky look as though Id thrown my icecream and stained the sky. It was gorgeous...or beyond what I can describe. I put a picture there, but the is only a grain of the beach of the experience of actually seeing it yourself. Wish you could have come along.

I think Ill pack it in. Traum und...meaning dream well.


Cherl said...

You are not kidding - the sunsets are GORGEOUS!! Never thought I'd see the day when you didn't LOVE a thunderstorm! :-) Great pics - love looking at them and reading about your day. Love you!!

Terry Peak Photography said...

Great Great Great Blog and pictures today babe.... I couldnt help but laugh out loud when you were talking about the lightning storm in the glass house LOLOL that was just funny!!! I am soooo Glad you have had such a great time... sounds like things are going just how they are suppose to!!!

Marinda said...

Yes I LOVE the pictures! It helps the visualization. Those mountain pics totally remind me of "The Sound of Music"!