Monday, June 15, 2009

Cherries, Rain, and Flammkuchen

When we woke up this morning, Peter had already gone to his lecture at 7:30am. We both showered and ran out the door with Ruben, Peter's roommate, to the bus stop at 10:30. I had zero makeup on my face so for the 15 minutes we had to wait for the bus to come I sat on the sidewalk making myself look a little better while all the Germans stared.

Elizabeth went with Ruben to his English lecture, that was 2 hours long! I had no desire to sit through this class, but later she told me it was the most interesting thing ever and she loved it. In the mean time, I met up with Peter right before they went inside. We headed down the street for a good 15 minute walk down the cobble stone roads. We went inside this German mall so I could buy batteries, then afterwards we decided to go down to the river. On our way we bought a bunch of cherries that this lady was selling on the side of the road. Again, we stopped in this chocolate store, and bought Peters favorite chocolate, Marzipan. Finally after walking through the town, crossing a bridge, and climbing down the stairs we found a nice spot by the Neckar River. We started eating the cherries and seeing how far we could spit the seeds. We were sitting about 10 feet away from the edge of the river, and it was just far enough that I couldnt spit my seeds far enough to make that tiny splash of the seed hitting the water. Peter was a whole lot better at this.

About an hour later, it started to drizzle, rain, then pour! Instead of running for cover, Peter pulled out an umbrella and we waited for the rain to calm down by just sitting still watching the river, the mountains, little ducks, and the boats going by.

At 1, Peter and I made our way down the river, over the Ancient Bridge, and back to University Square to meet Elizabeth and Ruben. Ruben had to go to another class, so we three just went to lunch.

After our cafeteria German lunch in the Mahstall Mensa, we left Peter, and took a bus back to his place to take a nap. At around 6, we headed back to town to meet up with Peter and have dinner. Funny commentary that Im going to add in here.....Elizabeth and I werent sure what bus to take so we asked this man sitting at the bus stop, he stood up to read the German map and bus guide. He was a 'little person'. The top of his head went to my waist! Anyway, he didnt know English very well so he told us directions in German so we just nodded our head and smiled...we had no idea. We just jumped on this next bus that headed our way, and thankfully it ended up being the right one.

When we met up with Peter, we walked around for a little bit. I bought a smoothie while Elizabeth shopped for a memory card. Then we decided to go to a restaraunt called Vater Rhein. This means Father Rhine like we say Uncle Sam, Germans say this. This restaraunt is one of the most famous for late night dinners for students. It serves food from 8pm to 3am. We had 3 dishes and shared them all along with one (as in singular) German beer, a Tanzäpfle. Neither of us though that we would like this, but we had to have one just for the experience. The three dishes we had was a pizza pie, Flammkuchen (this is a pizza but with sour cream, onions, and ham soooo delicious! a specialty of Alsac), and a Linsensuppe (which is a German soup with sausages in it). Peter showed us more of the town and we walked through the rain and enjoyed every bit of the biting cold.

At 10:30, we decided to skip going any other place we had in mind, and head for Peters place. BEDTIME!

These are the German words I learned from Peter:
Danke schön (thank you)
Kein Problem (your welcome...or better translated no problem or this is okay)
Hallo (hello!!!! not much different)
Kunst (art)
Hochschwarzwald (black forest heights)

The reason German words are so long is because they reallz dont need spaces to understand the meaning. CRAZY!!!! You can construct your own words and still be grammatically correct. For example, der Taxifahreuniformentaschenknopffarbenschaden means the damage of the color of the button of the pocket of the uniform of the taxi driver. Peter and I made up this lovely it?

Prost (Cheers),


Terry Peak Photography said...

Oh I am liking you in Germany a Whole lot better for sure.... was a little worried about the cherry, chocholate and rain thing... I know you are about it and that sounded like one of the most romantic thing in the whole wide world, but sounds like you are having the exspreiance of your life.... love you lots and am loving reading the daily blog for sure.!!!

Marinda said...

Oh Germany. I definitely want to go there some day!

I have to agree with Terry--cherries chocolate and rain?! Yes please!

Love you!