Wednesday, June 24, 2009

for the love of wine, bread, and cheese, let us on that train!

 Getting to Paris was a little crazy.  When I got out of the shower, Susan said we had 20 minutes to leave.  This put franzy all over my face for I thought I had an entire hour. I threw clothes on my body and practically flew down the stair well for  couple of bites of cereal.  I made it!

At 8:37am we loaded onto a bus where we got off 2 stops later. Then we loaded onto another bu 2 mintues later and got off the bus at 9:04, and waited for the tram. Susan said this was a long ride (this is when anxiety was taking place because our train was to leave at 9:34!), but we got off and raced in the train station to our train. YESSSS, some running exercise!

9:34 our train left for Paris.  We had to get off to get on our connecting train in another town...this is where the real problems started.  We found our gate with help from a British man, but the ticket man gaurding the train would not let us on. He repeated over and over, and finally saying each syllable, "res er va tioooooon," as though we couldnt comprehend.  We ran back to the ticket counter and printed a number to wait in line. 141....15 minutes..142..5 minutes. Bahhhh it was 10:57 and our train left at 11:02. We said, "forget it!" throwing our papers in the air. We ran back to the train with intentions to sneak on with no res er va tioooooon. The ticket man was talking to some people, and we practically ran by him. He started to follow but we jumped on the train and sprinted down the aisle.

2 stops and an hour later, he asked me if I had my reservation.  I did the Saturday Night Live response, "yes honey"  He said, "will you be paying in Francs or Euros?" We each had to pay only 10 Euros and he made us move twice to the lowest dirtiest secluded part of the train.


we bought a 3 day all inclusive transportation pass.  We took the subway to the Eiffel Tower, and made our way underneath it to our hotel.  Poor little Kate has a backpack she could sleep in. We went to every hotel, but every one turned us down because they were full. Plus every hostel was already full.  We went to the Eiffel Park hotel, where we painfully had to book the most expensive suit in Paris.  It was 260...which is a discount considering it was 280 plus 12 euros for breakfast a person, but she gave us breakfast free.  260 is 457 dollars people.  This made my stomach drop, but now all we can do is laugh and say, "I mean what ya gonna do?" So not only are we safe in Paris but we stayed in the nicest room ever!

We walked around and across one of the most ornate bridges in the world. We came back to the hotel where Elizabeth and I played Gin like no ones business. We played probably 30 games!

We were bored of sitting around so we walked to a wine bar not far away and each ordered a drink. We walked back and SLEEEEEPt in the nicest bed ever.  Bon soir.


Marinda said...

Oh Paris! J'adore la ville de lumières! You HAVE to try escargot! It's DELICIOUS! And the coffee is très bon! Et le pain au chocolat! Yummy!

Terry Peak Photography said...

lol my Gosh Elise if that will not get your blood pumping nothing will, it sounds like you woke up on a dead run for Paris and it did'nt slow down till gin rumy time! did ya get any pictures of the room and hotel?

Cherl said...

That was exactly what I thought, Terry! If this is the nicest suite in Paris - we need to see it!! LOL Marinda's comment made me laugh. I wonder if the escargot is as good in Paris as it is in Midland? teehee Love you!!!!