Sunday, June 14, 2009

Heidleberg, Germany is the place to beeee!

As I type this out, I am having to figure out how to use this German keyboard. The y is in the z place, and vise versa. Then all the other buttons are switched around. Its madness!!!!!! They have different keys too like äöü³³§

Anyhow, Elizabeth and I took our seats in the plane, and were off early Sunday morning around 1:45am India time, and 9 hours later, landed in Frankfurt, Germany at 8:15am, Germany time. I slept as best as you can in economy class, but E didnt sleep more than 2 to 3 hours. As soon as we landed, we exchanged money, and found our way down, under, and around to the train station. We got went to an information desk and this old man with white hair gave us a schedule. We found our port by asking this lady, a family who only knew German, and looking at the German signs with subscript English translation.

We trained to Mannhiem, got off the train, flew down a flight of stairs, just to have to climb another flight, and jumped onto another shorter red train all within 4 minutes. We arrived in Heidleberg around 10:45am and we called Peter to meet us. He said he needed an hour and 15 min. and he could meet us. So we wondered around and found a nice green grassy spot by the Neckar River and played a couple hands of Gin Rummy. at 12...we met up with Peter, Benedics, and another American girl for DC to have brunch.

After the AMAZING buffet of yummy food, Liz, the other American departed, and we all took a bus to Old Town to drop off our bags at Peter's place. Benedics had to leave us too. Peter shares this apartment\house\awesomeness with 3 girls and another guy. It is seriously the coolest place to live ever!!!!! Every room is big and spacious, with every room painted a bright color and artistically. I just love it. There is no AC, and we dont need it! I'm in love!

After dropping our heavy backpacks off, we took a bus back into the city to see some of the town. We walked over The Ancient Bridge, hiked up this trail\stairs to a Castle in ruins, and different places just window shopping. Peter showed us the Universitz Library, the Institute Cultural and Social Anthropology, the University Square where we had a latte. He showed us the places where to go out at night. Then he took us to this historical church, where we were able to go inside! AHHHHH Dad I thought of you!

We watched a few protestors protest for better education. They all had a letter painted on their spelled out Bildung; which means education. Peter actually knew several of these people.

I was sitting on the ledge of the castle at one point, making Elizabeth so nervous. Peter apparantly was checking my reflexes, and acted as though he was going to push me over the edge. It gave me the shock of my life!!! He did the whole bearly push you backwards, but pull you forward before you have the chance to actually move backwards classic and still scary as hell. So funny! lol...I know I've done that to so many people so I cant even be mad!

Every other word Peter would say, Elizabeth and I would echo him in his accent...we couldn't help loving how he spoke English. He said 'utter' instead of 'other', and 'together' he said 'togetter'...I love it!!!! Plus he has a German accent which emphasizes how funny it all is. Especially when he tried to immitate us.

After a long day of walking, at 7, we headed back to his house, taking a bus, missing the stop, taking another bus to get back to a bridge we needed to walk across in order to cross the Neckar River. We walked for a good 15 or 20 minutes back to his place. We ate homemade spaghetti with a good German beer to get the full experience of Germany. hmmmm

off to bed!
Gute Nacht liebe Leute und bis morgen
Goodnight lovely people until tomorrow


Cherl said...

What a wonderful day to start your European adventure! Sounds so beautiful!! I know you are taking so many pictures and ran out of time to post them. I am so happy your toe is better and God answers prayers. So many of us were worried and praying for you and you will understand a mom's fears someday :-) I love you and looking forward to the next post (as always)

Popcorn said...

Love your post Elise. Listen, put neosporin or polysporin all over your infected toe nail area. Takes the soreness out and allows you to walk pain free while also reducing the infection. I've been there and I know how badly it hurts. Your informative posts are such fun to read!

Marinda said...

Aahhhhh! Germany! You're in EUROPE now! Woohoo!