Sunday, June 7, 2009

here comes the paint

Roja! she got her some green lipstick paint and a bright red star representing her bright future! She is among the smartest of the bunch going to a private her.

Hahaha...oh Sangeetha..

Sandhya makes me laugh in the background...
Sangeetha, Me, and Gayalaxmi/Sopna..

Here is the infamous pirate picture of Sangeetha that had me rolling with laughter.

Lily Ma (ma meaning dear) putting lipstick on me

On Saturday morning, we sang songs with the Hope House girls. SO WONDERFUL!

They sang in Tamil and English. Then they showed us the movements that went along with the songs.

We sang a few to them like "baby shark na na na" and "you came from Heaven to EARTHHH" and "He's got the whole world in his hands" loved it!

Later we went to Sam's parents house and had tea as they told us stories. Lily decided it would be fun to play makeup and put lip stick all over my face...I mean lips. good times.

We went back to the Hope House and had a paint party!!! we painted eachothers faces and unfortunately I can't upload anymore pictures because Indian software is re-re material!!!!!!!!!! But I do have one picture where Kim painted eyes of my eye lids and a little mouth! It was so funny when I painted Ruby's pretty much looked like a scary Mickey Mouse.

"Oh Rubes" - Elizabeth.

Me and my face paint.


Terry Peak Photography said...

I love the way your getting in there with the girls and being a part of them.... its the only way to reach anyone ....good job Elise!!! much love.... Dad

Anonymous said...

I love it, too and love you!! I talked to Aunt Paulette today and she has been reading your blog, too :-) Have a good day today!! I am going to bed as you start your day. I still can't get used to that!