Monday, June 22, 2009

hiking in the vinyards

in the rain...E and Eli

me and was raining if you can tell.

the name of the village. the "weine" means wine. ps. that is me if you can spot me. WHERES (: teehee...I love inside jokes. you havent been able to cut out those in a year Mom, sad day.

the grape vinyard.

Kate and I decided to hike while Alicia went to a communion/mass in a monestary or convent? Actually I could be butchering that with the spelling and even location. To be honest, I cant remember and she is asleep, but she did tell me that the service was full of nuns and the actual mass was on Sunday but she went today, Monday for this service. Anyhow, Elizabeth decided to chill at home and read.

We set off and hiked for two hours! We walked through a village before we actually started getting to the steep part. We really didnt know our way, but we wanted to go all the way up the mountain to the giant words that said the name of the village on there. The words looked like the "Hollywood" in Beverly Hills. Anyway, we ate rasberries on the way, and saw a gnome statue garden. It was hilarious. Yes I did take a few pictures.

Here in switzerland, there are millions of planted flowers EVERYWHERE! They are in the fountains, where they make arrangements and change them every week, in the flower boxes under the windows, lining the houses and streets, and most importantly the gardens. The typical Switzerland garden is loaded with flowers that are so ...hmmm almost unheard of in the US. As in, there is no way we could plant them and the flowers survive. They had every flower you imagine also. They had lavender every where.

Kate and I walked through a couple of these in peoples backyards to make it up the mountian. At one point this man caught us, laughed and let us go on our way telling us the best path to take. We made all the way to the top!

On our way down, we found the nastiest biggest slug we have ever seen! And believe me, we have seen several slugs, this mamma was HUGE! we touched it, leaving our fingers with permanent nasty on them. It shrunk up and hid its little eye lookin` antennas. Kate and I both attempted to poke it and try to move it but it was stuck to the ground just like they teach you in 6th grade science.

After watching the last half of Chocolat with Elizabeth because she didnt see it all the night before, we watched a little of Fried Green Tomatoes (my favorite movie) in German. But because some of the people got annoyed with me translating the movie (not because of my fluent German comprehension, but because of my knowledge of every word of the script), we changed the movie to Mamma Mia. We watched this twice, just because, while Elizabeth and I played 15 hands of Gin during the second time we watched the musical.

Our reasoning for indoor activity, was the rain of course. It rained all afternoon.
Finally, we were able to go for a little walk for an hour which is where a few of the pictures derive from.


Cherl said...

Love, love, love your blog, My Waldo!!! I don't like inside jokes at all.... day by day.... I love you so much!!! (Mom of Elise Peak) :-)

Elise Peak said...

phahaha..."oh dear Lord, these things I prayyyy." what a jokster momma.