Monday, June 22, 2009

the ice cube

Kate and me in front of this creepy chef at the highest restaurant in Europe.

The snow...little blurry because I took this out of a foggy window

half way up the mountain taking the cable car. we had to wait 30 minutes there to get accostumed to the altitude.
In the cable car on our way up. Good bye green. The fog settled in.

It rained on our little cable car.

Some more of the view from the cable car.

Elizabeth and I got to ride in our own while everyone else squished in one. we told them to come with us to even it out!

the water.

This was so neat. They had quotes in Swiss German along the walls at a certain point by the water.

This big Swiss guy came and picked us all up at 10am. We climbed into his old van and made our way 2 hours away from Z├╝rich. I slept the whole time. If Im not driving I sleep dont I Dad?
Anyway when we did finally get there we all got onto this cable car and we rode up for 30 minutes. We went from 280 feet above sea level to 10,000 feet above. After the second cable car that took about the same amount of time, it was completely blinding white. The snow and fog over came any green that might be seen from the lower part of the mountain.
We ate at this restaurant known to be the highest in all of Europe. I was a little skeptical when I read the prices on the menu. Because I got 50 francs out of an atm and it pulled 46 dollars out of my account, I knew the currencies were similar, but their swiss money was worth just a little less than our American money. But when you see 33 francs to 56 francs, you know that is a dang expensive meal. I was going to order a side salad with nothing to drink to keep my bill at 8.50 francs. Then the man showing us around said he was paying the bill and to order a nice main meal. He also said that if we were paying we wouldnt be eating up here, and that we would have packed a lunch. So 3 of us ordered a plate with the cost of 38 francs, and another one of the girls ordered something different with the same price. Plus we all got a drink. Whoa, he`s got a hole in his pocket. It was the best meal EVERRRR!
After we ate, we actually went up a little higher in the mountain where the glacier was found. We got to walk on a giant ice cube! It was so exciting! Even though it was all white it was still an adrenaline rush. Okay, funny side note. Elizabeth and I just got back from India correct? Indians were the majority of the tourists! They had signs everywhere saying Indian groups this way, and there were Indians every where wearing their tunics with scarfs and tennis shoes. It made me laugh. Anyway comes to find out this is their Bollywood. Basically their Hollywood what is to us. They had pictures of all the Indian movie stars hanging up. And at the very bottom of the mountain there was a stand with Indian food and tea. Cracked me up.

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Marinda said...

Those shots from the tram are just gorgeous! I love the fog rolling in.