Friday, June 12, 2009

Late Sunday Night Balloon Bath

Sangeetha tiny enough to hide under the tub.
Bommi soaking Lydia. Lydia loving it.

Bommi in action

Lily and her-size water balloon.

The indestructable large blue balloon and Chintamani

Sisterly love.

Those balloons were tricky!

Mogana gave up trying to fill the balloons with water. Instead, she filled the bucket and enjoyed the water fight all to herself.

Elizabeth invited the rain to her parade. She loves it!

Mogana and Sangeetha fillin' those suckers up.

Ground breaking balloons.

The ever so strategic tying of the balloons.

"oh you" Elizabeth.

the tub we attempted to fill.

After an unbearable bus ride close in comparison to a 26 hour plane ride with nasty-A service food, I was ready for a long nap. In the mean time of waiting for the clock to turn 6:00, after my 2 hour nap, I wrote in my journal, walked to the internet cafe, played numerous hands of gin with Elizabeth, and stayed entertained by Mowlgy (Lily looks like the Jungle Book Mowgly when she runs around in her underwear half naked with her short hair cut and big gorgeous eyes) and Lydia.
Finally at 6 we walked over to the Hope House. Not even 5 minutes later, we were in the back of the house filling up water balloons as fast as the water would expand the balloons and our fingers would tie the ends closed. Before we could fill up the small tub with balloons, we were already soaking from head to toe. Chintamani filled up this large blue ballon and just squirted everyone instead of popping it. I was amazing that it didn't break for so long. Sandhya, Chintamani, and I kept chasing eachother around the house. Mario didn't want to get wet so she was watching the water fight from the roof of the house. What she didn't know, I was sneaking upstairs with a bucket filled with water. She was still looking over the edge when I completely drenched her!
After an hour, Roja and Gayalaxmi came home from their tutoring and they were so surprised when they saw everyone soaking wet. Gayalaxmi jumped right in there and joined in with the fun, but Roja ran and hid from everyone. I ran and filled up another empty bucket, but when I poured it on her everyone else threw a ton of balloons at her. Then all the Hope House girls started to drag her outside of the back house (that was basically a storage shed with running water). Roja started crying, and my guilt overwhemled me because I provoked the riot!
I took her by the hand and led her away from everyone else, and she came with me oblivious to my mischevious ring-leadership. I looked the innocent I told her, " I am sorry," and admitted my evil-doings. Michelle, Elizabeth, along with a few of the red-handed bandits came around with guilty grims on their faces up to Roja. They told her she could pour the buckets of water over each of their heads to suffice the whole worked. She joined in for the end of our 2 hour water fight.
dish it out...expect to get some payback in return.

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