Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the market diet.

this is the pic from the hospital...it wouldn't load for some reason in the other blog entry!
After the tour of the hospital/ we went to a near by shopping market. It basically looked like Mexico in a nalley. They shops were so narrow, you could barely fit 5 people into it. Plus, there was no air-conditioning and no fan!

In one store, there would be about 3 workers, a 5 x 12 room, and about 7 of us trying to look at their glass bangels. Every store I went in, I swear I dropped 10 pounds from swearting so much. I guess it aws even more like Mexico not just because of the physical aspect, but because y9u could bargain the prices. Instead of paying for a scarf for 90 rupees, Ruby would get the price lowered to 70 rupees (which is like a $1.50).
After a little while, I was ready to go because I so over how hot is was, the smell, and how crowded it was.
To go back to Ruby's house, we got to take the City Transit Bus. Elizabeth and I sat behing the cutest little girl with big huge eyes and a red smudge on her forehead between her eyebrows.
I always feel famous because the people are interested when they see someone with fair skin. So when we made eye contact with people either on the bus, or anywhere, Indians will smile, stare, and get their friends and family to see the white girl from America. The bus fare was so cheap too. Only 4 rupees per person. Thats like a nickle!!

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Terry Peak Photography said...

So many of the things that your exsperiancing really and truly just break my heart. I am more of a fixer than anything and when I can't fix things I guess it frustrates me and really does make me sad. I know God is working through you and through other really brave, strong hearts and I really do thank God that you are there Elise, Good Job!!!
So... did they have cool stuff to look at in the shops? Was it mainly cloths and trinkets... what all do they sell... talk to ya soon, and love ya much ;)