Friday, June 12, 2009

Market Madness.

the super organized market.
oh the memorable 3 wheeled golfcart taxi...also known as Autos.

To be honest, on Monday, the 8th, we literally did nothing all day long. Elizabeth and I lazed around until 12:30ish. WE didn't have anything to do because Same, Ruby, and Michelle went to get Lily because she was "sick." Finds out she just didn't being away from us at school. (oh p.s. in India their summer is April and May not June and July)

At around 5, Elizabeth, Sam, and I took an auto to the Vellore Shopping Market. It was so miserably hot without air-conditioning. Everything was unorganized and looked 2 months already expired and dusty. This made me appreciate Walmart even if everyone and their dog feels the need to be waiting in line every single time Elise Peak decides to go. Okay, so its not revovled around me, but doesn't everyone feel this way? Sheesh.

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