Friday, June 12, 2009

the mild pleasures in life sometimes come after a little scruff.

Can you get anymore priceless than this? let me tell you what was going through my mind? I was thinking..oh how sweet for these little girls to play hair-dresser and do my hair..then as they yanked (with as much might as they own) I effing* quickly regretted my decision to agree to this..
I love Liza's (in the background) intense face serious, and then briya (on the right) is getting after that pump.I decided to help out..I did one entire bucket with my right arm and then one bucket with my left. THAT IS A WORKOUT! MY GOD! I think this picture was taken the first time I helped out...I used both arms..I know..what a weeney.
this is the normal eating arrangment for the girls. Sitting on the ground (phaaa) INDIAN style using their right hand to eat. Here they are just eating a snack of spicy trail mix. I'm not going to didn't look appitizing to me, actually it looked nasty! But they love it so thats all that matters. ps. their trail mix is nothing like our m&m, cashews, peanuts, and raisins with a little bit of chex mix thrown in there. Its all organically indian.
It amazed me to see a 10 year old carry this heavy bucket of water on her hip like it ain't no thang. These girls are tough. How would you like to pump water for a couple of hours then boil all of it to make it sanitary, and then prepare your meal or then you have to cool the water to drink it.
Lydia, Roja, Chintamani, and Sonja
oh man...their laughter still rings in my head. I love them all.
Chintamani carrying Lily
okay so I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Michelle was playing the tree and Gayalaxmi (on her shoulders) and Sangeetha (hanging from her arm) were playing monkeys!
Sandhya and Gayatri still pumping away...oh you see the little filter? Thats party of their filtration proccess too. They do have a tank to purify there water, but there are 15 little girls and 2 other women living in a house all together. They are all so happy, but it amazing me to try and put this scenario into America. There is no AC and the whole thing is made of concrete. There are 3 bedrooms and an office with 2 other rooms for fellowship,dining, homework, and anything else. There are 2 bathrooms. Neither have a shower head nor bathtub, rather, a faucet that suffices their needs to wash themselves. There is a toilet in one bathroom and a squatty (self explanitory) in the other. You don't have to pity them, for this is a comfortable and generous Hope House for them. This is much nicer than some of the original homes that some of the girls came from. For real, this isn't a guilt trip, but I want to express how lucky and oblivious we are to our fortunate well being.
okay..stepping off my soap box now..please hold your applause for the end.

Liza, Briya, Sandhya, and Gayatri
Applause** (:

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Marinda said...

Those girls are so beautiful!

And what a lot of work to get some sanitary water. How different our lives are!