Sunday, June 7, 2009

ministry through entertainment

Chintamani, Sandhya, and Bommi

This is Gayalaxmi
She is 8 years old
and is the size of a 5 year old
Her family life obviously wasn't
the best or else she wouldn't
be in a girls home,
but God has a plan for her.
Even with the struggles in
her life, she still has one
of the most beautiful smiles
out of all the girls.
Me, Bommi, and Sandhya

After the flowers, this man named Noble came to the house with his puppet Tony. He is a Christian and ministers to children by teaching them the love of Jesus through entertainment basically.

At first he taught the girls a song with crazy fast hand motions. The song was in Tamil, but the message of the song was the realize that God is the one who provides us with food. They girls would laugh and try to keep up.

After the first song, he taught them a memory verse in Tamil. Sam told us it was Acts 16:31. The older girls were able to remember it pretty quickly and they had to help the younger ones when Noble would randomly call on them to recite the verse. Bommi and Sujata were the best at reciting it.

Although pretty much every word was in Tamil we could get the jist of his point, and we told him not to worry about having Sam or Ruby translate it because the focus was all about the Hope House girls.

After a few songs, a memory verse, and a story from a storybook, Noble passed out watermelon. Before we could eat it, Noble gave us a great analogy. He said the seed represent sin. The red represents the blood of Jesus, the white represents the purity, the green stripes represented the growth and the yellowish stripes stood for gold and Heaven. It was a great visual for the girls to remember.

Then we had a competition! You got a partner and fed the watermelon slice to them. Then you collected your own seeds, and whoever is left with the most seeds won! I thought my partner Liza did fantastic with 26 seeds, but nooooooooooooooooooo. Elizabeth and Leanne CHEATED! hahaha. They gave their seeds to Sujata and she ended up with like 40 seeds!

oh the competitive spirit in me.. lol

mmmm I love watermelon and the mess that comes with it. When I get back to the US, Daddy, can we go get some? okay, good!


Terry Peak Photography said...

What a great day and a cool way to rembember Gods love LOL I know I will never eat watermelon again without thinking of it!!! and by the way I always have watermelon in the house during you remember us having a huge watermelon nights on Wendsday night youth group... and after we told the story we would spit the seeds as far from us as we could, lol using the keep sin away from you... Jody would always win that contest!!! then we would all sing "Shut De Door, Keep Out Da Devil" thats what this is kinda rememinding me of.

Marinda said...

These girls are so precious. I'm so glad you're including pictures! I honestly wish I could be there with you seeing these things, learning more of the world and our role as Christians in it. This is a truly amazing journey for you!

Love you!