Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monday June 1st

At 9:30am, the autos came to pick us up, and as soon as we pulled up to Ruby's house, he said we didn't have time to lose so we were on our way to the CMC hospital. Vellore is notorious for the Christian Hospital throughout India and internationally. Compared to the American hospitals, this hospital was dirty and completely unsanitary. They crazy thing is, this institution has helped millions of people without having all the fancy technology. 1 doctor, on average, sees 60 patients a day.

We visited the prosthetics department. We saw men that had already had legs made for them and were doing rehab, men who were getting fitted for them, and the men who were actually making the prosthetics with heavy duty machinery. The young man telling us about the entire proccess of prosthetics was so noticably nervous. It was so funny because I think he just chose to make eye contact with me because he noticed I was paying attention. Well, first off he was only like 20 years old and when he was telling us about everything he literally made non stop/no blinking eye contact with me for a good 7 minutes. haha awkward?

Ida Scudder (the American Missionary Doctor who founded the hospital) wanted the chapel to be in very center of the hospital because she wanted it to be a symbolic reminder of how God should be the center of all the work that they do there.

There were so many patients waitint and sleeping outside on the concrete using their arms as pillows. To them it is just a waiting room, to Americans it is a place for the poor. Crazy how different the hygene mentally is between Indians and Americans.

Elizabeth took these two pictures. I forgot my camera.

The hospital had verses all over the place just painted on the wall. So refreshing to know that God is moving in some of the dirtiest places of the world.


Terry Peak Photography said...

Really! this day sounds like it was one of the most diverse cultural differences that you have run accross so far... they people and how clean the hospital was... I think I will take a clean one.... love you kiddo!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie Girl! So sorry I was unavailable this morning when you called! By the time i got out of my meeting and saw you had called, I figured you were in a deep sleep - I hope so anyway - maybe I'll get to talk to you tomorrow. I got your defensive driving certificate and will mail everything off tomorrow. Love you!!!!!

Marinda said...

Sounds like you're hearing and seeing a lot--most Americans will never experience this first hand. I hope it moves you and encourages you.

Prayin' for ya lil' sis!