Sunday, June 7, 2009

pure beauty

On Friday night, at the Hope House, I taught everyone how to make a tissue rose. It is just made out of 3 or more pieces of tissue paper and a pipecleaner as the stem.

Normally when I make these I use a stapler and scissors, but we had to make due with what we had. We just tore the paper and used the pipe cleaner in place of the staple. They roses weren't as pretty, but to the young girls, the difference wasn't apparant. They saw them all the more beautiful because we were teaching them somthing new.
I loved that the girls took so much joy in making these flowers. They put them in their hair and wore them on their wrists as if they were on their way to their very own prom. We had an entire garden of flowers filling up the small room of the Hope House!
plus...I just love arts and crafts and this was the easiest creation ever! Every flower was different and each girl wore their's in their own style.

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Marinda said...

Those pictures are adorable. It's amazing how blessed they were by tissue and pipecleaner :)