Friday, June 19, 2009

the rain

my entry literally for the day is a few sentences with little detail.
we slept in because of the rain.
we stayed in because of the rain.
David and I walked and picked up Jakob from school in the rain.
We watched three movies because of the rain.
I love the rain.
Now I feel like a zombie in the rain.
Elizabeth and I are about to go have a gelatto and a coffee in the rain.
the end of the day will end in the rain.


Terry Peak Photography said...

Hmmmm Rainy Day?

Cherl said...

LOL So Miss Lover of Rain - you had a good day because of the rain? :-)

Love you!!!

Marinda said...

Oh I love the rain! Especially European rain...hahaha! It just seems more romantic. Like out of a movie :)