Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday Mornnnnning in Austria. Afternooooon in Switzerland.


One of the gorgeous churches

Switzerland flag...notice its not rectangular..its square. and the blue and white is the Zürich flag

There flower pots were enormous and so colorful! I want one. Every year they have an object all over town that the stores buy and it is just a tradition. Like theyve had cows or benches etc...and all painted uniquely. I want a giant pott!

After breakfast, the entire Burger family with Andreas, Rachel, Hannah, David, and Jakob loaded Elizabeth and I up into their van and we sped down to the train station. We got there at 9:56am and our train left at big deal. We had a few minutes before the train arrived so we played a few more games of Gin Rummy. The train arrived and usually it waits for 5 minutes so we decided to finish our hand. The very second we sat down on the train, the man blew his whistle and we were moving. AWEEEE! note to Elise and Elizabeth...get on the train the second it arrives!
We didnt have to switch to a connection train, thank goodness! We went straight on to Zürich, Switzerland. We were supposed to meet Kate, Alicia (her friend), and Susan (her aunt) under a blue angel. We were expecting a nice exentric innocent angel. This angel was ginormous with huge boobs and a head that was smaller than one of the boobs! Plus the dress that the angel was wearing was really colorful and soooo modern. This was really a moment of, "I guess you had to be there." Anyway it was so funny...not what we were expecting.
When we saw Kate, it was such a relief. Hugs and greetings and meetings and handshakes and finally we were ready to leave the train station. We jumped on a tram, then a bus, then another bus....then I lost count of what all we rode and just followed the line of girls.

Susan`s house is so cute and European. It is a three story house and petite. There is a small but comfortable kitchen and the dining area and living room merge into a perfect space for fellowship. There is a spiral staircase, and the second floor there are 3 different bedrooms where the parents sleep, the two girls share a room, and the boys share a room. (they have 2 daughters and 2 sons...for those of you and think like me and was confused.) The oldest daughter is studying in Cali, so Kate took her spot on the top of the bunk bed. The remaining 3 of us slept on the third floor which is a cozy little study/office.

Silas, the oldest son, T...somthing or other, the younger son, and Oris, the dad showed us four around Zürich. Everything that he attempted to show us was closed or opening a few hours later like the temple tower, the church, and the boatride. We walked around looking ooing and aweing killing time until we could see these historic artifacts. When we did walk up to the church, there was a wedding postponing our tour. The bride was wearing a black wedding dress. Crazy. I took a picture Dad. Anyway, it was the most bizzare thing Ive ever seen.

We did get to view the Fraumünster Zürich which means Fraum Church, I believe. We saw Marc Chagall`s Windows. My favorite was the Zion Window that was mainly yellow with King David playing his harp at the botton of the stained window. MMMMMMMmmmmm...I loved just sitting in the wooden pews looking this glass art.

The boat we finally caught was flat and completely inclosed. As in there was no dock or anywhere to stick your hand out. I called it the sinking bus, because we were half way in the water and the seats were those of a bus....not a genius name I know. Anyway it took us through Lake Zürich.
There are a ton of swans here and ducks. I think Ive seen a few geese too. Made me think of you Brother.

Later, we went back to the house, and honestly we were all so exhausted we ate breads and assorted cheeses for dinner and watched Chocolat, with sexy Jonny Depp and went to bed. What a great day!

Ill update what we did today tomorrow...Im too tired! Happy Father`s Day Daddyyyy! I hope this one was your best one yet!


Cherl said...

I guess it would be impossible to get one of those pots in your backpack :-) I'm glad you are safe in Switzerland! Love you!!

Terry Peak Photography said...

You are such a BRAT!!! I had the most emotional Fathers day I have EVER HAD!!!! and you know it for sure.... you did good kid! I felt like I was just consumed in Fathers Day and it was a great feeling in every way.....have you talked about the place you ate up in the mountain and the glaziers in your blog I thought that was a facinating you much and thanks for the best Fathers day EVER!!!

elizabreath said...

Mr. Peak
Elise was so excited for you to get that. She has been more excited for fathers day to come rather than paris or rome!! haha
im so glad it went well and that you liked her present. you guys have a special relationship:)