Friday, June 12, 2009

Second dosage of my favorite ministry..the gypsy colonies.

oh the palm fruit.

take palm fruit. oh for me? no thanks.

a house.

so much captivated by candids.

michelle and elizabeth with some of the group.

two more little houses

beautiful elizabeth

the hut at the first colony this girl showed me.

her dad sleeping.

the kitchen.

laundry room.

baby goat I almost stole, but remembered that stealing is bad!

just hangin out with my new friends.

the 3 boys who LOVEEEED having their pictures taken

ope, heres another of this little guy

me and the guys plus 2 girls

Tuesday, the 9th
At 10:30am Jean Aunty picked Elizabeth, Michelle, and me up. We went to this gypsy colony that we had never been to. The children were so young because the older ones were mostly in school. We played a game that we usually play with the Hope House girls. We sing a song along with it that goes....

Down by the river and the hanky panky
where the bullfrogs jump from bank to banky
eeps-- ops --ohps-- ups
gee Mr. Willy and he said

They sang along in muffled melody because of their lack of the English language, but still enjoyed this game thoroughly. Afterwards, they all sang a song in their language with motions a dance to go along with it. In return, we sang and taught them the motions to "You Came From Heaven to Earth." That was so funny because we all grew up learned slightly different motions and we just kind of followed eachother and did whatever we all agreed upon nonverbally simultaneously singing the song loud and proud.

This girl showed me her home where he Father was asleep on his bed. His bed was composed of a mat on the hard earth and a couple of flour bags for pillows. Life is life. Their kitchen was a few feet away from his head and was just a couple of Indian buckets with water and a few pots and pans. Crazy to think...this is there home sweet home...not to mention they had electricity in their little hut.
I made my way over to Elizabeth, where we held the most precious baby goats ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We seriously thought about getting one, but then remembered that they grow up and bite.
Jean Aunty then took us back to the gypsy colony that we had already been to. There were a few built houses, but in between them were small huts that were big enough for 2 people, yet 4 would live in them. Blows my mind..
When we practically in the car ready to leave, this family insisted on us eating some of their native fruit. They sat us down in a row and sat across from us to see our reaction towards their gratitude I guess. They gave each of us a palm fruit. They looked like...well they were round with yellow skin on the outside. You had to peel it off and the actual fruit was clear jelly lookin' nasty.. I choken down about 3/4 of it which is 1/2 more than Michelle and Elizabeth ate. In Elizabeths words, " I felt like I ripped out a goat's heart and I was eating it." DISGUST!

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Marinda said...

Hahahaha! Yeah, that palm fruit looked...interesting...

And OH the baby goat! I want one too! I've always secretly wanted goats...