Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some of Heidleberg...

A little bit of Heidleberg

Our German pizza with sour cream, onions and ham. The best thing ever!
Elizabeth and me in the rain by the Neckar River in Heidleburg

The cherries and the River. Good times.

Benedikt, Elizabeth, Elise, and Peter

The Heidleberg Castle

The famous Ancient Bridge in Heidleberg

I figured out how to put pictures up here sticking my memory stick in Rachels computer but I dont know if Ill be able to upload later.


Popcorn said...

I don't know about Daddy or aunt Kim, but aunt Popcorn loves all of your pictures! Thanks! Ya'll look adorable under that umbrella.

Cherl said...

I loved the umbrella one too! Amazing pictures - glad you figured out how to post them!!