Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thursday Doctor, Friday Rest, Saturday Gone.

Thursday morning after the awesome train ride, Sam and I headed to the Doctor's office to have a look at my toe. The doctor was a nice Indian lady by the name of Mary Jacob. She gave me a prescription to antibiotics, the ointment to put on it, and a pain killer. She told me I had to reduce all activity and rest for the next two days.

As much as I wanted to rebel, I thought about the month ahead of traveling, walking, possibly running to catch a train, and hiking, and decided that I'd better do what she says. So I didn't leave the house all day.

Friday morning...same routine..wake up and rest all day. I again did not leave until dinner time when we ate out. We took Ruby's car and I still didn't do much walking. I just read all day long.

Saturday! First of all I stayed up until 4 in the morning and then woke up at 8 to little Mowgly staring at me, and Sam reading the newspaper next to me. Ruby walked in said "good morning," grabbed his bible and left. (I slept on the couch in the living room for the first time) I jumped up, took a shower, ate breakfast, and we were off to the Hope House. I was excited to actually have some activity, but the short walk turned into a forever long quest as I semi-limped trying not to get anything near my toe. I had bandaged it up, but seriously you never know what is on those streets.

Being at the House House was refreshing.
Watching Gayalaxmi and Chintamani beg to have their picture taken.
Playing a clapping game with Priya.
Watching Bommi, Sujata, and a few others braid Michelle Aunty's hair.
Letting Sandhya braid mine.
Watching Sangeetha and wondering why she seemed so sad.
Even better, watching Sangeetha get out of her funk and put flowers in Elizabeths and my hair.
Laughing at Roja and Maria taking over Michelle's camera.
Gathering all the girls uncountable times for a " photo? over here."
Realizing the communication progress since the first night, 3 weeks ago.
Seeing how I could not say one word they could understand but now with 1 word sentences and hand gestures, they have no problem.
Seeing how Gayalaxmi and Sonia, as sisters play together.
Noticing that Sonia and Gayatri would be coloring in a seperate room while everyone is in a different room because of their reservedness.
Loving that Gayalaxmi steals my heart away everytime her little cheeks perk up and she gives me her beautiful smile with a space between her front two teeth.
Missing Salomi because she is sick.

Even with all the happy times of tickle wars and photo shoots, I still hate to answer Chintamani's simple question, "you will be back tomorrow ah?" I just shook my head and told her I'm sorry but no I won't be here. I made all the girls promise me to be good, and to study hard and become the doctors, nurses, teachers, scientists, and policemen that they want to become.

I didn't like the thought of leaving as we walked away but I didn't become emotional until I looked over at Elizabeth who struggles with 'goodbyes' and saw her big blue eyes glossen, fill up, and spill over.

Goodbyes are hard. But, they are only hard because the moments that were shared were so sweet. They good part is that goodbyes just means that you'll have memories to reminisce on.

At 5:30, we will make our way to the train station with Ruby. Arrive in Chennai at around 8:30. We'll go eat (we as in Michelle, Elizabeth, and me) then go to the airport at 11. We have to be there 3 hours before the plane leaves because of security reasons. Then Elizabeths and my flight will land in Germany (thier time) at 8:15am..Indian time 11:45am, and Texas time 1:15am all on June 14th, early Sunday morning. Gotta love time change.


Cherl said...

I know this was a hard day in more ways than one. Oh, what a difference three weeks make! these girls will never forget you nor will you forget them. You will all take away a piece of each other and be better people for it. I so love how you write - so many vivid details in a small amount of words!

Marinda said...

Goodness! This one made me tear up. Yes, those girl's lives are definitely changed from your stay there.

And your poor foot! But it was smart to rest and let it have some time to heal. When I studied at Oxford I ended up getting plantar fasciitis in my right foot (from walking at least 2 hours a day to and from the college and around the city) and had to start taking the bus for a few days. But it got better and I was able to enjoy the rest of my time there and when my family came out for vacation too.

Those feets are important!