Monday, June 8, 2009

Who knew going to church was so eventful.

After getting back at 2am, I was not excited to wake up at 7:30am to go to church. Ruby and his fam decided to sleep in and Michelle was going to a Tamil speaking church with the Hope House girls. Elizabeth was going to sleep in, but I somehow convinced her to come along with me.

At about 8:45am, we started walking to the bus stop. We only had to wait 2 or 3 minutes before a big red and white bus with the number 2 on the front came to pick us up. We paid 3 rupees each, and I talked to this lady using one word sentences to communicate and told her we were getting of at the "Old Bus Stand." She said that she was getting off at the same place and to get off when she does.

All of a sudden, the bus became so crowded! I was smashed up against Elizabeth and basically spooning the guy in front of me. Haha. SUPER AWKWARD! Then this beautiful petite girl got on right as the bus was taking off and she didn't have ahold of anything so she grabbed onto me to get stabalized. When she reached up for the bar above her head I about died.....she had the worst B.O. I've ever smelled in my LIFE! All Elizabeth and I could do was laugh and just say "oh India..."

This younger looking boy about 15 years old was standing near me. When I was trying to get off the bus, he tried to pick pocket me, but I just held my purse closed and there was no way he could steal anything. So he jumped off the bus without paying the bus fee and ran off. The man taking the money and passing out tickets started yelling something in Tamil and shaking his fist. He sprinted after the little trouble maker... I wonder if he ever caught him...hmmm.

After we got off, we had to cross the median, but the gate was locked so Elizabeth and I [as lady like as possible] had to jump the median/fence. We crossed the street and saw these men playing a pretty intense cricket game. They were arguing about something..who knows? Then we walked into this historic fort, across a bridge, and into the Saint John's Church.

We sat by Emma Koshy Aunty and her husband.
The sermon was about the phrase Holy Holy Holy. The pastor made a point saying that you never hear or see grace grace grace or joy joy joy. The reason Holy is a tri written word is to emphasize the greatness and goodness of Jesus Christ. That was a short reflection of the sermon, but it was awesome! Isaiah 6:3.

After church, we took an auto all the way back instead of dealing with the hot smelly bodies. It cost 60 rupees total, but we didn't care about the cost because we were so exhausted.


Popcorn said...

Gross! But it sounds like the sermon was worth the BO heinousness! Praise the Lord!! What an awesome sermon. Holy Holy Holy IS the Lord God Almighty. From HIM all blessings flow. He is mightily blessing all of you for your willingness to share His GOOD news! Love from Popcorn

Popcorn said...

Did either of you take a blog photog of the historic church? Popcorn wants to see!!

Terry Peak Photography said...

just a side note that will mean nothing to anyone but you..... I have laughted off and on all day long about it.... hope you dont get your right and your left hand mixed up while your eating babe!!! that could get very bad!!!! LOL love ya ;)

Anonymous said...

How awesome that you didn't succomb to sleeping in and went to church. Good Girl!! I hope you got some rest last night - don't get too worn out and sick. That would be a bummer on your vay-kay. Love you SO much and miss your face!

Elise Peak said...

POPCORN!! I do have a picture! Little Kernal has better ones but I'll put up a few of mine!