Tuesday, June 16, 2009

zum Wohl ....Cheers!

Today was pretty crazy. We left Peters place at 8:20am and caught a bus to the train station. We were getting a little worried when our train didnt come at 9:14 when it was promptly to arrive. We were running around frantic at 9:30 freaking out because the announcements on the electronic signs were alllll in German! And to make things even more interesting every one we asked if they spoke English, they ALL replied, "oooahhh a little bit." Meaning they knew yes or no. We asked a lady about our train going to Ulm then to Lindau using one word sentences and she told us late...it is running late. Thats all we got out of the information lady. At around 9:40, the announcements came on again and everyone moved slowly towards a different port for a train. We had no idea what was going on because obviously we dont understand German. This old man approached us speaking in frantic German and body language. He counted out loud using his fingers...one...two...three... vier....five..EIGHT!!!! EIGHT!!!! Then he pointed at the other port and motioned for us to follow and said ULM! EIGHT! From the Cherades game, we figured out our train was moved to the other gate, and we followed the nice man. Oh I love the comedy of language barriers.

Seriously God was looking after us because as soon as we got off in Ulm, we had no idea where to go from there, and the very first lady we talked to knew perfect English and guided us to our amazing double decker train that left 12 minutes later.

When we arrived in Lindau this beautiful tall blonde woman with mile long legs approached us like she has known us all our lives. We immediatly knew it was Rachel, Elizabeths cousin once removed. She showed us around the beautiful coast line town. When we stood on the deck next to the water, Rachel showed us that we were standing in Germany, we could see Switzerland on our right and Austria to our left. It was amazing people.

She catered us to this little cafe, where we sad outside and had this amazing ravioli! After walking around for a little bit more, she drove us back to her house, and we picked up her four year old from Kindergarten. His name is Jacob, but they call him Jakey. Rachel has two other children, Hannah, 11 yrs, and David, 8yrs. We watched all three of them plus their friends and cousins jump in the pool and play soccer in wet bathing suits. I loved the scenery...this house is the most modern beautiful house everrrr!

Elizabeth stayed with the kids, while Rachel, Jacob and I took a bike ride to the grocery store. It was a neat experience riding a bicycle through a tiny bike trail, through the streets and up the cobble stone sidewalks to the European market. So much better than the India market...no offense!!!

We had dinner and we just spent time talking to one another, and enjoying life. Love Austria and ready for tomorrows tour de Bregenz, Austria!



Cherl said...

Amazing! This sounds like an awesome beautiful place. So what happened to your translation application on your I-phone? When you wake up it will be one month until you are home! Yea for me - bad for you :-) I love you*

Popcorn said...

Great post EP

Elise Peak said...

None of my applications on my phone work here because of the internet I guess. Thanks Melanie! We are about to leave after our Austrian specialty lunch on a bicycle ride to the lake, lay on the pepple stone beach, and more. SOOOO excited!

Roxan said...

It sounds like you're having a great time. I'm jealous of your summer abroad! I have a girlfriend in Guessen, Germany who I visited a few years ago, and I fell in love with Europe then. Have fun! Eat lots! :)