Sunday, July 5, 2009

the 29th..still in Nice, France.

Okay so the plan was to rent bicycles with Peter, Ryan, and Leah, but that changed early in the morning, when we decided we didn't want to pay 14 euros. that is 3 and a half meals that we could buy instead!

At 10:30, we walked down the street and used the internet for an hour and ate lunch there at Subway.  You may be thinking, 'why in the bucket-full-of-Jesus would you eat Subway in France?' But by this time we had already gotten our taste full of bread cheese and wine.  We wanted veggies and at a cheap price dang it!

After lunch, we walked down to another part of the beach and decided to play the beach bum role all day long.  At one point after I was journaling, Kate and Elizabeth decided to go swimming.  I told them I didn't want to join them, but to go ahead. When they were all the way out there they waved for me to come in.  I just smiled and ran into the water.  We treaded for 45 minutes just giggling and telling secrets then waded back to to the shore. We laid out some more and Elizabeth and I swam one more time out so far we were nervous a giant ship was going to run us over! 

But we were fine! We all three went back into town and bought postcards etc...but were starving!!!! We, again, ate subway for dinner.  God bless America.

Later, Elizabeth decided to stay in, but Kate and I wanted to walk around.  We walked in the direction of the ocean, but stopped at the store called Ten with hideous clothing.  Kate tried on these skin tight sliver sequence pants with black pockets and a white jacket with her swimsuit underneath.  She put on red high heels to boot.  Then I put on this hot pink fringe dress, perfect for a flapper costume on Halloween.  It was skin tight and scandalous. I had black high heels. Oh the fun of trying on clothes that you know youll never buy.

We walked out laughing and made our way to the blue beach.  We walked for 30 minutes towards the lowering sun and sat on a dock. We talked on a dock for a while then walked 30 more minutes.  We walked as far as we could stand and decided to walk back through the busy night streets to our hostel.  We looked in every window of every shoe store. We liked the berkinstocks.

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Cherl said...

Reminds me of our fittings in Las Vegas :-)