Sunday, July 5, 2009

the 30th. I mean...what are ya gonna do?

Yay! we were up early. Italia Day! It was 8:00, and I jumped in the shower.  We went and got some breakfast. Instead of the usual McDonalds that we had been having every morning we got some pizza slices and Elizabeth got a quiche and a croissant. Dont judge the pizza...its good in the morning isn't it Brother? Do you remember you used to always eat cold pizza for breakfast in high school? haha. awe I love you by the way.

By 9:30am, all 6 of us headed to the train station to head to Monaco. Now Monaco is the smallest country in the world and is composed of only 2 small cities.  When we got there at 11:00, we decided that the actual setting of our foot on the ground was satisfying enough and we had to take a train 10 minutes later to the first Italian town across the France border.  We gave hugs and said goodbye to our California friends and boarded the train.

In Ventimiglia, we had an hour lay over so we wanted to spend that time at their beach close by.  We found a nice spot and set our stuff down stripping to our bathing suits.  elizabeth and I found a little stream with a strong current coming from a small pond to the ocean.  It was so much fun! I went first and as soon as I sat in the pond the current was like a shoot and carried me way out into the ocean. Thats when my thoughts started to go a little crazy because I knew I wouldn't be able to fight the current and make it back to shore. Then, to my complete surprise I could stand up.  We both laughed and Elizabeth went ahead and road the stream.

I was so excited I wanted to go a second time.  As soon as the savage waves carried me out right past the part where I could touch, it startled me a little and I told Elizabeth I couldn't reach, but it was okay because the current had smoothed out.  But the second I told her this I felt my water proof olympus camera slip from my grasp and plunge to the bottom.  I tried to save it, but nothing but cold water ran through my fingers and my mind was in panic. I looked and looked for an hour until we had to leave in order to catch our train. I was upset but not devastated because I didn't have that many pictures on it and I still had my big camera. We all lighten the mood by saying, "at least its not your big camera." "Yea I don't know what I would do." I let it go and declared the days motto I mean...what are ya gonna do?

When we came closer to the steps we see three familiar people, Ryan, Peter, and Leah.  We ended up taking the same train with them to Genova, but their destination was farther than ours.  We played a few games of B.S. and said our actual final goodbyes.

In Genova, we went straight to the info desk and they told us we had ten minutes to catch the train to Riomaggiore, Cinque Terra, Italy...exactly where we wanted to go.  He said we needed to go to platform 13. So we did. the subway platform 13.  We realized our mistake as soon as we got to the next station still in Genova, and had to take another subway back to the first station missing our original train. 

I mean...what are ya gonna do?

Finally 2 hours later we were in Riomaggiore.  It was around 10 at night, and the manager at the biggest hostel was "nice enough" to let us have a room paying 25 euros each and only 2 beds.  It was 9 flights of stairs up only after 3 flights up outside of the building and 2 steep hills.  phew...we made it and just laughed at how exhausted and out of shape we were.

For dinner we got peaches, fresh olives, and croissants. We took them out to the cliffs where we walked down the steps carved out of the mountain to sit on the rocks on the water.  These two italian boys, our age, came and introduced themselves as Eddy and Fabio.  When Eddy asked me to borrow the lighter I had found on the rock, he told me in broken English to toss it to him. Because of the dim lighting I knew he would never catch it...I walked over cautiously as to not slip. With his hand and the lighter inches from eachother..I slipped of course.  The moment turned into slow motion as my body flattened into the water between the two rocks and my feet went from the slippery green moss covered rock to high in the air.

i mean...what are ya gonna do? .. when you face plant in front of two cute Italian guys.


Marinda said...

HAHAHAHAH! Love those moments ;)

Terry Peak Photography said...

Hahaha, OK I felt like I was there... you had me there in that romantic little setting with just a wonderful Italian setting....and when you faceplanted I just about fell out of my computer seat!!! Elise my goodness I love your blog! Love ya!!!

Cherl said...

OK - so somehow I didn't read this blog. I am so sorry about your cameras. I am still sick for you - thank goodness for Kate and Elizabeth's pictures. Love you!!!