Friday, July 10, 2009

The 4th of July

We already made arrangements with the manager to check out at 12; therefore, we had no intentions of waking up before 11.  At exactly 12:00, we were checked out and walking to the bus stop to take us to the train station.  Yea...all we really wanted out of Pisa was to see the leaning tow and a place to stay. Adios Pisa!

The train left not even 10 minutes later because a train runs from Pisa to Florence every 30 minutes.  Elizabeth and I took a spot across from eachother, as usual, in order to play each other at our favorite card game.  Kate sat in the set of seats behind me to have a quiet time borrowing my bible.

40 minutes later as Elizabeth and I continued playing our card game, we heard Kate say, "I'm sorry, I won't do it again...No! I'm not going to pay that.."  Apparantly, the ticket man was fining Kate 7€ 66 cents for simply putting her feet up on the seat in front of her.  We stood up in protest saying, "there is no sign! That is ridiculous! She won't do it again!" Instead of reason, the ticket man disregarded all of our outrage and even Kate's teary eyes.  When she still refused to pay the fee, the cold hearted man personally escorted us off the train at the next stop, Signa.

We waited 45 minutes and finally found a train to take us to Florence. Once in Florence we found our hostel after stopping for gelato.  Later we walked towards the flea market and the best place to bargain shop.  We stopped in a few stores, a clothing store, where I tried on a dress, then a shoe store, where I took my last picture with my canon camera.  ..I'll explain in a this moment I had no idea it would be my last.

We shopped in the overwhelming market that had everything you could ever think to buy out of Italian leather.  We walked up and down bargaining as if the few euros we were saving were going to feed 5 orphans and their dog.

In celebration for the 4th of July, we went to a nice sit down restaurant and each ordered a fattening Italian plate.  After our amazing dinner, we walked back to our hostel. I immediately plopped down on my bed, pulled up Kate's computer to download all of my pictures, and update my blog. I opened my purse in search of my camera. 
No camera. 
I looked under all my sheet and pillows.
No camera.
In my luggage, through all my clothes. Still..
No camera.

I panicked. I was short of breath and couldn't even breathe. I frantically tore the empty room apart, flew down the staircase just to find no camera had been turned in at the front desk.  Kate and Elizabeth followed me as I raced to the restaurant. 
No camera.
I can't even describe the emotion to the fullest that came over me.  I felt as if I hadn't been on this 2 month long trip at all.  As if someone was snickering in my ear whispering "you bought no souvenirs now you have no proof you were in any of those places."  I just felt like a part of my soul was erased, as melo-dramatic as that seems.

I walked back to the hostel quickly and silently with Kate and Elizabeth keeping their distance several paces behind me out of respect.  With lips pierced, my tears were dry and I was beyond sorrow.

In our room, I requested some alone time and spent the rest of the night finished the book Eat Pray Love, that I recommend all you ladies read immediately!

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Terry Peak Photography said...

I know that has been hard and that its just been Very hard on you to have your camera stolen and keep thinking that this blog is a pretty good proof of your travels to and your journal....and nobody can ever take what you have in your mind... and the wonderful pictures that you have shared with your words. Love you much and can't wait to get to see you on the 16th!!!