Sunday, July 12, 2009

the 9th

At 12:30, we headed to the Trevi Fountain.  Today was definitely a walking day.  WE zig zagged through the windy streets of Rome, trying to get the the fountain.  WE passed the colosseum, Trajoan's market ruins, and the monument Victor Emanuele taking Via dei Fori Imperiali.  WE turned onto via del Corso roaming in and out of random ancient churches.  Finally using the map, we turned right and found the Trevi Fountain.

We sat on the lip of the fountain tossing our coins and making our wishes.  Then we moved to the marble benches to get a better view, and only to move 30 min. later to the side to lean up against the wall and read some more.  WE stayed as long as we could bear the heat, then decided to find our way to the Paneon.

This building wowed us because we felt as though we'd taken 20 steps and BAM! here is a fantastically huge historic building built in 128 AD and is the finest remaining example of ancient Roman architecture.  I loved the outside more than the inside interior.  Just the enormous script left me in curiosity for it wsant in a readable loanguage for me to understand.  

After shopping and walking through Plazas we walked straight back to the hostel only stopping twice for desert and more desert.  Back at the hostel Elizabeth and I ate our bread and cheese for dinner.  Taking a long shower I was ready bed.. 

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Popcorn said...

I miss your posts. Are you still frozen because of your camera and iphone losses?? I don't blame you girl. I am, too!