Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 1.

the next morning we started our adventure.  We hiked along the path to the 2nd village, Manarola.  We blew through the village, only stopping to take a few pictures.  Right after we left Manarola, we veered off the hiking path down to a nice spot on a cliff where a few other people had found the little spot of paradise as well.  We jumped into the icey but nice ocean water. We swam along the mountain to look into this one cave. We could see little fish swimming deeper under us because the water was so clear.  I loved the large almost ramp-like staircase that led down into the water.

An hour later, we hiked all the way to Cornilgia, where we found coffee!! I tried to order a nice sized cup of coffee, but they told me they had 3 choices: coffee latte macchiato,  cappuccino, or an espresso shot.  I got the latte macchiato.  mmmmm.

It was already 4:30, and we still had to hike all the way back and we were all a little tired so we decided to go ahead and make our way back. Our feet were heavy as we climbed all the way up to our penthouse hostel, but we made it.

The rest of the night we spent out on the balcony playing a gin tournament. shocked?

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