Sunday, July 12, 2009

Naples. the 8th

At 9am, we grabbed some breakfast at the train station and set off to Naples, the origin of Pizza and icecream.  Hello..Neapolitan icecream!  Because we weren't aware of the acquired reservation, the ticket man charged us 18€ each.  WE tried not letting it bother us because it was the nicest train we'd been on since Germany.

In Naples, we asked for directions for an hour at every shop until we found the infamous L'antica pizzeria "da Michele."  Now I heard about this restaurant through the book Eat Pray Love.  The pizzab was cheap and describable exactly as Liz would say, the pizza is "thin, doughy, strong, gummy, yummy, chewy, salty pizza paradise."  Even though the dough is the best thing I've ever had, the toppings just don't beat Luigi's pizza in Midland!  

The waiters took pride in the fact that I'd read the book and had heard of their place or work and life.  They showed us framed newspaper articles of Elizabeth Gilbert and her book, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt eating there, and others.  What a treat to eat a pizza for only 5 euros in a place where such famous people had been.  I had wonderful Neapolitan icecream for desert.  I was so full and jo yous trying to eat my homemade cone dripping with this sugary mess. My hands were in the air as I waddled trying to dodge the chocolate drops that had escaped my mouth.  All the time my purse was unguarded.  Little did I know my happiness was short lived for when I got to the train station my iphone had been....pick-pocketed.

I didn't panic this time when I was in the train station and had discovered this.  I just sad down recalling the only opportunity a thief could possible have at taking what is left of mine.

Now that my car has been totaled, my little camera has been eaten by the ocean, Florence owns my canon, and Naples has possession of my last valuable, my phone, I just have nothing left to give to those who may want to take something.  

Here! Have the 20€ left in my wallet or the sweat stained shirt I'm wearing, or the tattered shorts that have survived hiking through Cinque Terra.  When I sat down I in the Naples train station all I could say was, "I do not understand." I am just not irresponsible nor have I been known to have bad luck.  The only explanation I could surface from the unfortunate events in the past 3 months is that I have been broken.  I literally have nothing left, material wise.  I haven't leaned yet the spiritual lesson yet, but hopefully I will soon know what God is trying to teach me through this.  

Distraught. Confused.  Still seeking the Lord despite this. 

The train ride was long and emotion as I listened to a song on Elizabeths ipod by Jon Foreman, your love is strong.  Then Kate let me listen to this podcast by Breakaway Ministries.  I love it.  Back in Rome, Kate and I walked around looking for an ATM, stopping at this bakery.  We bought sweets then we bought cheeses for our bread.  Back at the hostel, we played a few games of gin while listening to music just to relax. what a day.


Popcorn said...

Elise my heart is sick over the loss (theft) of your camera. I feel your sadness and completely sympathize. The iphone is sad, too. I'm so sorry. Great posts other than that sad report.

Popcorn said...

looking so forward to seeing you and my E VERY SOON!!

Cherl said...

I saw a lady with a plastic glass today for the marines (her son is a marine) with these words... "pain is weakness leaving the body" and I thought of you and your experiences lately. I am heartbroken for you and for me. I so looked forward to pouring over each and every one of your wonderful pictures and talking for hours getting every detail of your trip. Now your awesome descriptions, like those in all your blogs, will have to be the pictures and your literary skills will expand even more! I love you and can't wait to see you.