Sunday, July 12, 2009

sixth and seventh of July

In the afternoon we walked through the market once again to a specific shoe store where Kate bought these amazing berkinstocks (that I want! and will buy in a few months).  Then we literally walked through Florence as if it were a maze trying to find the Biblioteca Nazionale, but when we finally did find it and enter it, this lady said in Italian (roughly translated), "members only, no visitors, leave!"

We had walked so far. But in the mean time we had seen the David and walked up and down the tiny streets seeing the Italian life.  Even though we werent granted access to the Library, the lady told us of another public library.  We asked about a dozen people directions in order to find it, but we did eventually find the hidden thing.  We settled in this modern library each sitting on our own love seat couch comfortably to read and journal.  After a few hours we decided to leave.  Elizabeth went back to the hostel while Kate and I went back to the restaurant that wed eaten at 2 days ago.

She ordered Lasagna and I ordered this specialty plate, I dont even know how to is God saying " I love you" every time I take a bite!

At 7:30, I walked, alone, to Plazza della Signori, leaving Kate and Elizabeth at the hostel resting. I met up with Creede Newton and his Dad.  I just knew I was going to see someone I knew here in Europe. We caught up a little and then went to get some gelato. Creede paid for mine like a gentleman. Then we three walked across Ponte Vecchio, on e of Italy's most famous bridges, built in 1345.

We walked along the street the crossed the river again by taking the Point S Trinita to take a nice picture of the famous bridge.  I walked them to the station, hugged and watched them depart just like a perfect farewell you see on the movies. 

I love seeing people I know.

Now on to the next day.  

by 10, we were showered, primped and packed.  WE checked out and walked in the direction of the train station.  WE stopped along the way for breakfast.  At 11:13, our train sped away to the ever famous Rome.  It took longer than expected because of the numerous stops we  made along the way, but we finally made it there after 3 hours.

After this long train ride we were all starving and irritable. Especially when we were confused about the direction to get to the hostel so it was taking a long time to get there with out unbearably heavy backpacks.

Honestly, I have learned a lot about myself having time to observe the reetitions of my actions, others actions and reactions,  and my frustrations, plus conversing with Kate and Elizabeth about my personality.  When it comes to directions I am good at reading maps and I have that "feeling" to know the right direction or street to take.  So when someone says to go straight, and I dont feel at about that decision I cant just be easy going and make the mistake of wondering around.  I always have to make my opinion known. "Thats not the right way...It just makes sense to go this way."  Stupid big mouth and intuition.  It is in a way my strong point and my greatest flaw.   However, when it does come to directions, I am usually right, but it causes tension!

around 2 we had already checked into our slightly disappointing but cheap hostel, unloaded, walking down the 4 flights of spiraling stairs and on to eating.   We walked for what felt like a mile to find this small pizzeria.  I got a slice of hot dog mushroom olive tomato and cheese pizza.  It was delicious!  Right on the middle of us all enjoying our meal, this lady, stick thin, came in hysterically flailing around, yelling and just making a fool of herself along with a scene.  She was entertaining, but disturbing so we scarfed our food down to leave.  WE could tell she probably had some serious mental illness. She was crazy!

We found the Colosseum with no problem, probably because its ginormous! We paid 12 painful euros for admission then climbed the ancient stairs to see the giant spectacle.  De ja vu kept hitting me remembering years ago when I had climbed on rocks with Tamren posing as statues for pictures and peeking through the holes of the crumbling walls with Kristen.  It was nice to revisit.

We walked/wondered to different churches exploring different streets and resting here and there.  From all the walking we were all dehydrated and delusional.  Everything made us laugh as if we were at a 6th grade sleepover and It was 3am and a hiccup would leave us in stitches.  

ON our way back to Hostel Beautiful (by the way on the door the "s" is peeled on so it says Ho tel Beautiful...there really isnt anything beautiful about it.).  In our room, we watched the Devil wears Prada, then had a dance party following the movie.  We danced as though we were elite free style dancers not caring just having a free spirit.  We laughed then talked for hours until we could sleep through the noisy streets of Rome.

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