Monday, August 10, 2009

my weekend

This weekend was way better than I anticipated. Around 4, Mom and I left Midland and headed towards Amarillo. On our way, right before Lubbock city limits, I spotted a light blue VW beetle. It took me about 5 minutes after deciding that I'd like Mom to turn around to have a look at it. She laughed, said okay, then asked me why it took so long to say so.

When we did get a good look at it, it was a 1974 super beetle, light blue and rustic, new motor, cyllinders, and more. The only downside, it needs cosmetic work on the inside interior, but it is worth what the asking price asks for. Excited, I called Dad and he was all for it, but we were going to come back later for more logistics.

In Amarillo, Ali and I go to The 806 coffee shop to hang out with a couple of her buddies and boyfriend. Our friend Eric North came up and hung out with us. I hadn't really gotten to talk to him since highschool. It was long after he got there that we had to leave though. I was sad to shorten our time hanging out with Eric and gulp down my great coffee, but I was glad to leave the smoke filled place taking the stench along with us. Ali and I stayed up talking just like we did our whole senior year. We shared the couch bed. I love that she is my best friend.

Saturday moring was planned and ready. The agenda:
sleep in.
take our time getting semi-ready.
go to barnes and noble around noon.
read until we get sleepy.
go eat a late lunch, free late lunch, back at Ali's house.
read a little more.
take a nap,

My afternoon was amazing! Neither of us have been that relaxed in a long time.
Ali helps me get ready for the wedding, and she drops me off at 5:45 at the Civic Center where Mom is waving to let me know where to go.

The wedding was beautiful, and I really wasn't expecting to cry. Lord, knows that you just can't help shedding a few tears when you see a girl you grew up with walk down an aisle as if she were gliding down a ice and her flowing dress is made of snowflakes that trails behind her. With her thick blonde curly hair and big smile, you just know that her near-future husband just couldn't stand the anticipation of her becoming his very own bride. The ceremony was that much better because my brother sang better than I've ever heard him sing while they light the unity candle. He'll sing at my wedding. No doubt.

I got to dance with my Daddy for almost an entire song before he knew he had to catch a few important pictures. I ate wedding cake, mmmm chocolate covered strawberries, and other finger foods they had. Honestly, my favorite part of the whole wedding was dancing with my brother and Dad and getting to visit with Jacki Thompson. It was neat to see her so soon after her wedding and getting to catch up from the past 4 years.

Funniest parts:
Brad's speech.
This guy Ethan asked me to dance. You could tell it had taken him a little while to work up the nerve. We started talking as we danced, and when the song was up we weren't quite done with our conversation so he asked if I'd like to dance one more song. He asked me how old I was, and when I said nineteen, he kind of sulked a little. This made me laugh because I knew he was younger than me. I asked him the same question and he said with lowered eyes, "eighteen." I asked him about highschool and where he was going to college. It was just so funny because he was really disappointed that I was older. aweeee poor freshman!

I love weddings (:

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