Sunday, November 22, 2009

thank you from your bride

Today, I was thanking JC
how, in my life, he's made so many changes
by working through and within me
even though I'm going to Spain to acquire new languages
to experience something completely new
but I'm progressing spiritually and meeting friends
I just don't want this to end when I take my cue
to board that plane just to get back, and have to make amends
with those I've recently gotten so close to.

I love the acceptance and love I'm receiving
whether its through my mentor, parents, boyfriend,
family, or friends that I feel are not being deceiving
This Godly love is the remedy to the wound that's needed to mend
then from last semester to right now
its as if I literally fell on my face
and Jesus Christ picked me up
and showed me his sovereignty and saving grace

The beauty He has defined for me
has been hard for me to welcome
but I've tried to grasp it fully
keeping my negative thoughts seldom
Josh has helped me understand
and I know he is being real
and just offering me his hand
when I look to models who are beyond ideal

I love knowing that Diana and Amy
are right here by my side
spiritually to lift me
whether we have laughed or cried
or felt emotionally sliced
I know they will be forever friends
and forever sisters in Christ

as for my habits of last year
there are no fickle guys,
no not even a sip of beer,
or the continuous lies
that covered me with ashes
smothering the innocence
with unhealing slashes
of my past and conscience

How refreshing it is to die
to myself not to the world
and not having to constantly try
to be that perfect superficial girl
I can be Lord God's bride
in a beautiful cleansed dress
riding that riptide
riding this life at my best

Thank you
my Lord, Jesus
for your grace and virtue
that loves all of us as he sees us

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Anonymous said...

My nightly read. Just love it. Hope you begin to understand your host family better real soon. I am sure you are getting your point across though. :) Love ya, Cyndi