Thursday, December 24, 2009

be a friend and I'll be a friend

First of all I know that sometimes I care too much and sometimes I'm completely careless. In this situation I care way too much. There are certain people in my life that immediately attract my desire to be friends with them. The thing that kills me is if I have to work at it. I like being friends with someone, pursuing it, and be not just a mediocre friend, but a true close friend. When someone just isn't emotionally available it kills me that they just wont accept that I really am just a complete extrovert and really friendly.
I always feel kind of like a failure if this does happen where the person just isn't interested in hanging out or just simply being a friend. Ha...when I reread that sentence it sounds like first grade, but this is probably my number one weakness I would say. REJECTION. I won't even get into high school where Elise Peak being fully accepted by her peers just wasn't going to happen.

If you don't want to be best friends with me, that's fine. Can't you simply open your heart to gain an ally? I just don't understand your withdrawal. Its a free hug from me every time you see me guaranteed unless you really don't want one. I'll be here for you to ever confide in whether you need spiritual advice or just an ear to listen to. I'd love to be a pandora's box.


Terry Peak Photography said...

well If you will let me make a little comment... this is someone that you are good friends with, in their hurts loosing someone that you are very close to and if they have been burned twice its hard to get back in that game. This person may just be watching and waiting to see. Your good just dont rush in where healing is taking place.... love you!

Elise Peak said...

you're so right. you know, I should really take into consideration my own motto Let Go and Let God.

Terry Peak Photography said...

Thats because your so smart! I love you!