Wednesday, January 13, 2010

citric tranquillity

After a gloomy long day of icy drizzle
one hundred pages turned
a three hour class completed
a paper written
a three and a half lazy nap
my day felt lost
full of nothing worthy of noting
just lost...
lost time
lost daylight
lost emotions
lost laughs
lost conversation

Lunch with rice cooked with saffron
entangled with Spanish sea food
octopus and squid
Sliced baguette
salad sprinkled with olive oil
announcing me favorite meal thus far

Dinner at nine

Talking to Josh
our conversation led to
the realization that
I hadn't talked to my
best friend

My quiet time hadn't come first
putting my mood in an unaccomplished state
I set out half past ten
in hopes of retiring in
the coffee shop
below the flat where I live
With no such luck
I walked past the school
past a cathedral
past several stores I will eventually return to, once they are open
and past several bars

I found the place for me
called Cafe Victoria Eugenia
on the intersection of Federicode Castro calle and Larana calle
This beautiful two story cafe
is stitched with wide and tall glass windows
the building painted a golden glow
framed with warm green trim
the large olive wood door welcomed me
with a fresh blow of espresso
and sweet spanish cerveza serving as the fragrance

My gratifying quiet time with Him
made all the difference
even to an ending day
with Psalm one through five
I knew not the audacious character
He gave me to stand firm
against the immoral trends
the ones they invite me to do
the ones they want me to attend

with an hour passing like a second
I practiced my new language
with the man who served me
my "cafe con leche"
as he turned the chairs
to lock the doors

with a twenty minute walk ahead
I set out five past midnight
The green Sevillian trees weighed down
by ripe oranges
filling the moist air with a citric scent
My wind swept hair curling
beside my cold florid cheeks
and by my shivering shoulders
Hands searching for warmth
in my pockets
Walking on rain glazed Spanish sidewalks
like icing finishing a cake
so was this rain finishing my perfectly lazy day

Walking past my favorite Magnolias
underneath it were a couple
almost as one because their hold was so tight
Their embrace hid their actions
may it be kissing or simply whispering
back and forth

love to love

Passing a couple
holding hands
she, wearing rainboots
him, wearing a cologne
I smelled it after I was five feet past them

love to love

Listening to A Love Song for a Savior
by Jars of Clay
Taking a simple walk
Looking at the marbled buildings
the ancient narrow roads
the people passing by
the homeless sleeplessly laying in coverage
the spanish conversations flitting in my ear


Its the simple moments
that take me aback
inspire me
and move me to write
in a different style that normal
to think
in a different style than usual

the initial motivation..
may the glory be
to God.

What a great ending.


ab said...

you're a stellar writer, friend. there are some fantastic moments in this little guy. and i love to hear about sevilla. did you know i was just there?

take care elise,

ashley beck

Conner's Mother said...

Wow! I love this style. It's amazing! And I love the way you described everything. I can almost see everything. It's like I am reading a novel, already picked and published because of its perfection. I understand, too, the feeling of the day and how it made you write this particular blog in this particular style. Regardless, I love it and look forward to reading more like it. I hope you enjoy school and come back well Have fun and take care! I love you!

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing writer Elise!! I miss you so much and I hope you are having the time of your life!! Be safe! Love you!
Jenn G!

Deidra said...

Love you sweet girl