Tuesday, January 12, 2010

clase, caffe, y juegos.

You guessed it, my luggage still isn't here, but maletas, suitcases, keep trickling in slowly 2 by 2 each morning. I bought tights as a substitute for pants until my actual jeans come.. I went shopping for the first time yesterday evening. I bought 4 shirts, and because one of the biggest sales of the year in Spain is right after the new year, I didn't have to spend to much to get awesome quality clothes!

Ayer, Yesterday, was my first day of school! I'd say it went pretty well! I had Spanish I at 9am that is a four hour long class. It lasts until 12! Normally, that would make me so antsy I wouldn't be able to handle it, but my viaje, my old Spanish teacher is amazing. He is funny, sweet, old, and he cares about us actually learning the language. I can tell that he wants us desperately to make an A. We aren't allowed to speak English in his class, but it isn't as hard as I thought it would be. Plus, we get two 5 minute breaks during the class to do whatever we please. Best part about the school..well there is both a coffee cafe and a tea shop right outside.

After school, I went out with Ricky, Greg, Carrie, Juliana, and Logan to get some coffee. I love making new friends. Although I knew almost all of them before I came to Spain, you would probably never see us as a group hanging out together like this. I love it.

After lunch and my siesta, I met Carrie and Juliana to actually do our little shopping.... We took a cab back and they let me out by the school. The school is literally 3 blocks away from where my host family lives, and I managed to get lost. Love the ignorance of the Spanish streets that are designed as though a drunk man built them. I'll get the hang of it by the time I go home, I'm sure.

I love it here, but my drive to really get out hasn't really been motivated without my luggage. Either I'll get over it or my luggage will get here. Tonight after my class I think I'm just going to go to a coffee shop near by and play a board game with Greg. No time to go to an AMERICAN bar and play beer pong with a big group thats going. That is the dumbest thing ever in my opinion. We are in Spain people. Lets play scrabble using Spanish words....and go!

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Anonymous said...

hahaha AND GO!
i miss you leesie =[
im so glad you are having a fantastic time though
you paint the pictures for all of us to see with your words <3

jour sissy!
ali boo