Thursday, January 7, 2010

flight disaster.

Hardest goodbye I've ever made.

My first flight was out of Lubbock. I cried from the security check point until after I boarded the plane and was distracted by a man sitting in my assigned seat. I found a spot on row eight by the emergency exits. I fell asleep before the flight attendant finished her memorized routine.
In Houston, trying to find the terminal for my second flight, I was walking up a flight of stairs when I heard a familiar voice, Taunia Logan. Ends up we were both headed to London-Heathrow. I followed her and her group to their terminal just to find out I wasn't flying we go British airways.

I found this out by asking a clerk woman at the desk after standing in line for 20 minutes. When she shortly told me "not Continental! You're British Airways. Next!" I starred at her with a confused look and walked off. A man near me when I was talked to her chased me down and asked if I spoke English. At this point I'm beyond flattered coming from someone who constantly persuades people into believing my accent. I told him I do (in a British accent of course), then he helped me find my gate.

Once we landed in london an hour and a half late, we finally stepped off the plane at 9:30am. My third flight was cancelled at 9:20am; therefore, I found myself in a never-ending line to reschedule my flight. This is where I met Ashley Prothro, a fellow tech student, and Hayley, a former tech student going to work for the study abroad office in Seville.
After standing in line for 2 hours, they transfered our flights to Iberia Airways leaving at 5:30pm for Madrid catching a connecting flight to Seville. By this time it is around 12:30, they told us we couldn't check in yet and to come back at 2. I took an hour power nap.

At 2, they told us to come back at 3.
At 3, they told us to come back at 5.
At 5, our flight was announced cancelled.

We went through "immigration" and customs first. Then we found our line.... Yes, we stood in line for 3 hours to book our flight in the morning and to get a voucher to sleep in a hotel in London. By the time we got to the British Airways customer service desk, they told us they weren't responsible for our accommodations because Iberia is the one who cancelled our flight. They did book our next flight though. So, we went to Iberia's desk. Waited in line. They told us that it was British Airways that originally cancelled their flight. There was almost a boxing match about to go down between the two heated airline clerks, but they settled on an agreement. Iberia found us a suitable room in the Marriott Hotel near by if British Airways would pay for it, and Iberia would provide transportation and two free meals. What a deal!

We found our porter bus around 9:30pm totaling our time spent at the Lond airport to twelve hours.

At the hotel, we were provided an all-we-could-eat meal. MMMMmm! After we gained a few pounds we found ourselves asleep by 10:15pm in our ever so welcoming beds.

At 4:30am, the wake up call started our day off. By 5:00am, we were on our transport bus. We some how managed to skip the ludicrous line by going to the "fast drop" line, and they were nice enough to print us off a boarding pass. Our flight was again rescheduled for an hour earlier, meaning we had twenty minutes to run to our terminal.
What a blessing to actually find a flight though. We didn't actually leave until 7:30am after sitting in the plane for an hour. It actually didn't bother me at all...what's another hour?

In Madrid we had an hour before fleeing to Seville. By then, we spotted a dozen Tech students in the same program. Once, we were in Seville it was completely surreal, but coming as an expected disappointment both of my bags were lost.

But hey, I'm here, and I'm safe so PRAISE THE LORD!


Terry Peak Photography said...

LOL babe you just might have to write a book before its all over! LOLOL your killin me!

Anonymous said...

You are such a great, descriptive writer! Love your posts! Hope they find your baggage soon!! Mom

Anonymous said...

I couldn't figure out how to post a comment without selecting a profile. I signed my name, chose anonymous then hit preview for a password, then hit post. When I hit just "post comment" it wanted a profile. If there is an easier way please blog so others can comment :-) -Mom