Sunday, January 10, 2010

la 9th y 10th

on the 9th, I woke up around 8:30am. I raged got ready and drug all my luggage know my entire back pack and all. I ate breakfast with the best of them and sat in the lobby to meet my host mom for the first time.

A little petite Spanish woman stood in the entrance way of the Hotel Fernando III with a thick cardigan, short hair cut with curly black shiny hair. The lady introduced herself in rapid Spanish, "me llamo Maria Rodriquez." She spit off about twenty other sentences then laughing afterwards. Thats when I nodded my head laughed a bit and said "si si si." Then I replied with introducing myself, "me llamo Elisa, pero puede llamarme Violeta." My name is Elise, but you can call me Violet.

We piled into a cab together with my new roommate Nadia, (we call her Christina in Spanish because Nadia means 'nothing' in espanol). We live only five minutes away from the the school that I'll be attending so thats good.

At 2:00, lunch was served on the table. Rice and tomato sauce, fried fillet in olive oil and salad. The meal was nice, but conversation was a bit painful. I knew twice as much Spanish as my roomie which isn't saying much because she doesn't know any. It was awkward, but I think its getting better now. She pretty much gave us a lesson of how to say plate, orange, banana, fork, spoon, etc.

We didn't do much the rest of the day except hang out and sleep.

On the tenth it ended up pouring and the temperature was cold enough for the rain to turn into snow. They said it is colder today than it has been since 1954. Without a suitcase full of appropriate clothing to go out in, I stayed in all day reading, writing, and eating warm soup....sleeping occasionally.

Dear, London,
You are making my wardrobe a bit dingy. Just to let you know.
all my love,
Hobo Elise


Anonymous said...

LOLOL This post made me laugh to tears! I read it outloud to Dude and your letter to London had us cracking up. I love you so much, Violet*

Deidra said...

Ok so whats with Violet did you come up with it yourself or is a joke. After our evening together where I got to know the silly side of Elise (Violet) I am just curious. Did you speak to here with an Indian accent too. Jk.