Monday, January 25, 2010

my truly wonderful day

This morning I hurled my body towards my computer the very second I opened my eyes. I talked to Josh for almost an hour. He has been on a chrysalis and we haven't had much talking time. But, this morning totally made up for the lost time, he is easy to talk to and we could talk forever...its hard to get off!

After a hefty breakfast, Nadia and I walked to school. Spanish class was the same as always, we were learning something new. MMMMmm, I got my coffee fix during our 15 minutes break. I can't tell you how much I truly love cafe con leche. I love drinking caffeine beverages during that small little break because its like an adoral pill, it gives me so much endurance to be attentive and interact with the teacher. Plus, I am not closing my eyelids every five seconds.
After class, I decided to take a little walk. I walked for about 45 minutes buying various little things I've been needing. I decided to take the streets that are small enough that an average car would have to put the side mirrors in and it would still barely scrape through. I found several hole in the wall restaurants and tiendas (stores). I stopped when I found the Cathedral. I took a spot on a bench in the sun. I read a little in my bible just have a much wanted quiet time with my Lord.

After an hour and a half total of my little adventure I decided to head back to the school. At 1:30 my Sevillana Dance class started! We jumped right in and learned the basic steps. When we were split in to two groups we all did pretty well, but then after the two groups did the step by memory we always paired up. Well the first time we paired up I ran to Brea who already had a partner and then when I stood where the next person, Nadia, would have been my partner she turned the wrong way and was partnered with some one else! I was left partnerless!!!! So, the beautiful dance instructor, Celia, took me to the front to be her partner. She told everyone to watch us and then follow when she says. I learned on the spot and helped teach the rest of the class. At first my face went completely beat red from having to dance at the front, but after the first few rounds it actually helped me pick the steps up faster.

By the end of class I was sweating and feeling the endorphins coming in my body. I loved letting my dancing history come flooding back. Nadia and I ate lunch and then split going out separate ways. I called Greg to meet up. I was finally in a state where I knew I could keep up a jog and actually breathe. I ran all the way to the Plaza where we were to meet up and he caught me right before and just joined in. We didn't stop until we got all the way to the river. Once we were at the river, we took a small break. We went to the rest room in the bus station, and set out again. We walked a little ways along the river just to admire the rowers, water, bridges, and tall houses across the river. When we set out again we ran to Plaza de EspaƱa having to stop a few time because of lights. We explored the plaza and the park running a little here and there. Thats when Greg decided to run home. I told him to go on because being sick for 20 days and Christmas break will put a person out of shape. I stopped and drank a tall glass of water and then ran for 5 more minutes.

I ran into 3 of the girls I was going to meet up with to buy shoes, but I told them to leave if I wasn't there in time. It was perfect! I went with them and bought Sevillana shoes for my dance class!

Afterwards, I walked around a little more and bought a sketch book and map pencils. Now at home, I am about to write a paper over the book I finished last night, The Odyssey. I love the feeling of accomplishment after finishing a book. So rewarding. Dinner is in an hour and I couldn't be happier at this point. Thank you God for all that you let me do today. I feel so blessed.

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