Wednesday, January 20, 2010

prayers needed!

Without my luggage the first week of school I was not in the mood to go out with everyone regardless if they were going to a coffee shop or elsewhere. I kept telling everyone I'd go and hang out with them once my luggage arrived. The day both bags finally found their way to me, I came down with yet another cold. So, no going out for me. This time I took Emergency, Ibuprofen, Vitamin C, Day and Night Quill, something my Spanish mom gave me, and something else Greg gave me. I tried everything. The past three days my sickness changed from congestion and running nose to a slight fever, not so much congestion, a sore throat and coughing with difficulty breathing. Then last night right before I was about to lay down it rapidly progressed to the point I was having to breathe through my nose to breathe. I tried laying down, but that only made me cough even more making me sit up so I could inhale deeper and easier. With each breathe came a heavy nasty wheeze. I decided I was going to get over trying to get a shallow breathe in and go see a doctor.

This morning at school, I went up to one of the coordinators, Maya, and in several short sentences that I couldn't breathe and needed to see a doctor. She decided that I needed a breathing treatment now, not later when the doctor would be able to get me in.
We walked into the emergency room and without having to wait in a line and fill out a hundred papers, I saw a doctor. He checked my breathing pattern and examined my throat. Finally he sent me to another room to do a breathing treatment.

Afterwards, I had to get x-rays. Turns out I'm fine and have acute bronchitis, which I suspected. I got an inhaler that I'm still trying to figure out and some antibiotics.

I have another appointment tomorrow with the same doctor at 3:45.
so over being sick!

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Deidra said...

Hey honey I am praying for you. Hope you feel better soon. Love you Dee