Friday, January 29, 2010

to spend to experience or to save.

This weekend isn't going to be a waste although travel plans are non existent. I am ready to be fluent in would make it a whole lot easier to assimilate and make more friends. I get so nervous when I try and have a conversation. I have such a desire to sit there with the Sevillianos or Sevillanas and laugh at their jokes, understand what is going on in their world, and converse about their views about everything.

Back to travel...I haven't made any plans yet...I want to go to Morocco but the trip cost around 179 euros ($268). That includes hotel for 2 nights, travel, all food inclusive, and the tours. Plus its in a big group because to be safe. Should I just not go because of the price...Should I spend it and get the experience...or Should I go with a few friends, get a hostel, and pack lunch or buy cheap food while I'm there. The 3rd doesn't seem like a very safe I'm going to veto that.

I really want to go to Poland to see the Auschwitz concentration camp memorial, Prague, back to Austria see Rachel and the fam, Switzerland to see Kate's fam again, and to Dachau in Germany to see the concentration camp that I never got to see... My problem is I'm not sure how to get there, where the cheapest flight is, and should I get a eurorail pass? Its so easy to say that money doesn't matter when it interferes with your ambition, dreams, and goals.

I also might take a trip to Jordan with my friend Brea. Her dad works there...He's a teacher and I'd love to see Petra and possibly climb a mountain.... We'll just have to see.

Should I save my money to the point I sacrifice tea and coffee all together? Man..I wish I had all the answers to my questions of travel.


Deidra said...

Honey money comes and goes if you can pull off traveling my vote is to do it but do it in the safest way possible. We need you back in the states safe and sound in May. Love have fun this is a once in life time thing you are getting experience. Love you

Mom said...

I say go for it!! You can drink tea and coffee the rest of your life!!

Mindee said...

I'm with your mom. You are doing and living right now what most people DREAM of!! EAT IT UP GIRL... I love reading your blog, I hope you are feeling better. xoxox