Wednesday, February 10, 2010

again sacrifice or withhold

Remember Braids and Eyes?
Last night, after savoring the last few minutes
Talking with loved ones from home,
Greg and I ran to his apartment
Through the beginning of a soft rain storm.

Talking about Rocío
Walking down the stairs
We ran into Rocío,
Greg's house mom.
A sweet hello-goodbye
And a few extra Spanish words
Let me slip out of the complex politely.

He let me borrow her umbrella,
She didn't mind.
I was to "bring it back tomorrow"
And to walk quickly home.

Ten minutes into thought
A man ran holding his daughter
Only about four or five.
They had no umbrella
No protection to distance the
From their face.
Though the small girl laughed
As she bounced along in her fathers arms.

I hesitated thinking of my own umbrella
I turned back and started after them
Then I thought to myself
What about Rocío's umbrella?
She will want it come tomorrow.

Do I spare this umbrella
That I need very little
To spend ten on a new one
The next day?
Do I simply turn
Back around and avoid
The eyes and the young black braid.


Mom said...

So what did you do? Your love for others is such an inspiration :-)

Elise Peak said...

its a mystery!